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    Staff recruitment to key posts: Internal vs External candidates

    Should an internal candidate from the company itself be recruited or should a candidate from elsewhere be hired for a job vacancy? Analyze and your views in this thread.

    There are some sectors where in recruitment for key posts are vital for the growth, vision and success of the organisations.

    For such jobs, quantity and quality often go hand in hand. Just for sake of filling up the posts, if people are appointed, then the system stands to loose.

    Often, for such posts their is a competition from internal candidates also. Internal candidates will know the functioning of the department or firm and would be favored for seniority, due promotion etc. But, such people who are familiar may not have the drive and new thought processes.

    If an outsider is selected, he/she would be a stranger but has the potential to bring in a fresh face, the passion and desire to prove themselves worthy of the job often open new avenues/ideas that can bring in positive results.

    For instance, an associate professor of language studies, a CEO of a food plant, a marketing manager of a pharma company or even an editor of ISC?

    What would you do, would you go for an internal or external candidate?
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    For the key posts if suitable candidates are available with the required qualification and experience giving him preference will have some advantages. The candidate will be fully aware of the systems and the customs existing in the Organisation and with the experience, he can mould himself very well and run the Organisation with on the lines. He will understand where he has to concentrate more as he is already well aware of the Organisation. He will try to run the Organisation in the same way he has seen previously. But one problem is he can't think out of the box and make revolutionary changes to change the speed of the organisation.
    If a new candidate who is having all the expertise is appointed he may take some time to get acquainted with the Organisation and to understand the employees there. Meanwhile, if the existing employees don't cooperate he will face an uphill task and struggle. But these candidates can think widely and bring in changes so that the employees will be in his control. The success of a candidate purely depends on his management and technical skills, especially for senior posts.

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    Now a days lots of things are happening as regards to recruitment of candidates for key posts in an organisation. Gone are the days when the internal staff relatives or acquaintances are absorbed in the vacancies and thus outsiders wont even get to know about that. But companies want good performers and that is possible through versatile education in the candidate. And thus some companies are engaging the staff recruitment agencies to look out for the right candidate and the final interview taken by the company and selected. So what I mean to say that companies does not want to take any one from inside as staff, instead they want good staff who are well qualified, young and has the zeal to do the new task. And of course the preference is given to outside staff who are even ready to accept lesser salary.
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