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    The Diamond which was lost has appeared again

    Long back I stepped into Diamond level in ISC. However, I could not sustain it for longer and due to not earning points in daily basis, I had lost that Diamond shield. I was not sad or upset because I knew it will be going to happen. One can read in this thread post as how I had lost my DiamondAiyyo Aila Oh No

    I don't know how long I can sustain this Diamond shield in my profile page but at least I can be happy and Cheers as long as it keep appearing.
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    Hearty congratulations for getting back your lost diamondback. I wish you will keep is safe by obtaining at least the minimum points yearly in future. All the Diamond members should remember that they have score minimum 2500npoints in a year. Otherwise, they will lose their diamond and left with only gold. So it is mandatory that all diamonds have to score minimum those points to keep their diamonds safely with them.
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    Heartiest congratulations for getting back your diamond level. I hope you obtain minimum points as required.

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    It's really a great news! I congratulate you for re-entering the Diamond club of ISC. I wish you would be very regular from now on and go on scoring at least 2500 points every year, and remain a Member of this club (or, much better would be Platinum club).
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    Congratulations Mr.Jeet Singh, Your earlier thread(Dec 2014) does mention the 2500/yr minimum point clause. I need to remember it. Wishing you the very best.

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    Getting back the lost position is something which brings lots of cheers in our life. Though the matter may be inconsequential for many, for those who has achieved, it gives immense pleasure as if gone to the moon. Congrats for sporting the spirit of fight to recover the lost diamond.
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    Thank you members for your appreciations and support which motivates me to continue.

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