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    Why do I need an Aadhaar number?

    What is the use of Aadhaar card in India?

    Can anyone clarify the significance of Aadhaar card no in India?

    Today, every institutions, banks and school has made it mandatory for the linking of Aadhaar card number. Central Government must ban such kind of useless ID card and refrain from pressuring common people and forcing them to link this number.

    Also, the high court itself noted, Aadhaar isn't mandatory. Then why they are pressuring us? It should be banned immediately. We have Voter ID, Pan cards GST no etc. Why the need for another identification. Is this how our Government planning to make Machinarium Humans instead of Digital by forcing citizens to apply for crap Aadhaar.

    Why they need facial recognition like in Hollywood movies. Are we living in a world of Lumino City or Samorost? In my case, I don't feel the need of Aadhaar.

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    Aadhaar card is the card of Identification for all persons in India. As you said so far the aadhaar card is not useful as we have separately PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID and other identity cards. But there is a difference between Aadhaar and other cards. The Aadhaar card is having your biometric signature also whereas the other cards don't have. But as you said I also feel there is no requirement for so many cards. Then can issue only Aadhaar card and that can be used in all transactions. But we don't know what the government decides.
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    AS if now, if you are Indian you need to have aadhar number to do everything. Actually we are not robots or machine who needs numerical value to do all things. Making aadhar mandatory in every field is questionable actually. I don't understand why our government is not linking Aadhar and voter id card? I don't want my aadhar verfication like eye and thumb impression to every work. Aadhar may be very dangerous if we use it in place of bank/credit cards etc as if now aadhar number if not bank account or credit card type thing but who know what is government plans.

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    After the deadly terrorist attack in Mumbai the government thinking process to safeguard the citizens has increased and they want to devise ways and means to protect the lives and properties. Either too the terrorists got funding from outside sources through banks and other clandestine deals without the knowledge of law enforcing forces and thus had the field days. Now with Aadhaar card it is immensely proved that we are citizen of India and not having any ulterior motives. So in a sense the Aadhaar card has become the passport of India which the every citizen has been identified and recorded in the government register. Over and above the government need not spend on census every 10 years as the number of Aadhaar cards depicts the number of the population and that would felicitate easy decisions.
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    I was wondering the same this morning, though on a different line. I did like the idea of Aadhar card but not the idea of linking all my personal details with Aadhar card. Already it's been linked to almost everything and anything.

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    I think we need to consider this in two parts

    1. Do we need an Aadhaar number.
    Yes, it is important, it is an identity number for an individual of the state or country wherein the authorities have to keep an eye on where the person is, what is he doing, are taxes being paid, are subsidies being paid, health care benefits paid etc. In many countries, such numbers are known as social security number or National Insurance number.
    Imagine living in a house on a street that has 10 houses, consider the same in the country, there would be many with smiliar names,similar door numbers, similar date of birth,so an Aadhaar number with biometrics helps the Government to say that you are who you are and not an imitator.

    2.Do we need to link the Aadhaar card to other things.
    Here the idea is to link PAN card, bank account, telephone, because once all this comes on a database, it would be more easy to track the individual, check on the holdings and assets and are taxes duly paid.I think, once we link all these, the so called 'Benami' accounts or properties or deposits or transactions would not be possible.

    In England, they have a NIN number, national insurance number, the moment the authorities put this, the tax code, payment, tax deductions, child benefit, social benefit, health benefit,tax credits, unemployment allowance, all this is linked. I think, this would be along similar lines in the long run.

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    When Aadhar card was introduced, same question came in my mind. I thought when I already had ration card, voter card, identity card, PAN card etc then why should I bother to have another card called Aadhar card.

    I did not get an answer then and today also I am not able to give an answer but I can explain the things behind it.

    We should have only one card which should be our national identity card having all the information like DOB, father's mame, address etc.

    Probably that was in the mind of people who invented Aadhar card that all the earlier cards will be replaced once this is there.

    Unfortunately that did not happen and it also became another card in our wallets. Anyway Govt wanted to link it to our accounts and all financial activities to track illegal transactions and that is why it was being forced on us.

    So what is the way out now? Govt has already gone to far with Aadhar card and now there is no coming back. Only thing is if all earlier cards are closed with it's success then only it can be treated as a real national identity card.

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    The following is purely my personal belief.
    Aadhaar like many other things is a result of the pressure exerted by certain influential developed nations, to suit their security needs and necessities. This has arisen after the world trade centre incident. The US and its allies were on the trail of perpetrators and would be and possible supporters and sympathisers of such inimical groups. They needed a data base to monitor and filter and isolate the suspects and possible potential mischief makers.(Actually the KYC has its origin that way. Aadhaar is only an extension of KYC)

    So whichever country they can influence they influenced and asked to place a system for pooling and centralising and linking data.In India it came to be implemented as Aadhaar.

    I was all along thinking and believing that Indian Passport is the authentic identity of an India citizen. I From the beginning I was of the view that why should we have multiple identity documents. If at all needed, the passport itself can be amended and updated with features and characteristics and centralising data.
    There are still many grey areas and loose ends in the process of identifying a person to get Aadhaar. Thus Aadhaar is not all foolproof . It was started with a seemingly benign purpose of Direct Benefit Transfer and to weed out middlemen and ensure benefit goes directly to the real beneficiary.
    From there it has travelled a lot and has got undue importance. It is now taking the role of an omnipotent monster influencing every day to day activity of a resident.
    However having spent so much money , time and other resources, it will be foolish to even think of a roll back. I feel that to make Aadhaar the unique ID of an Indian citizen, and not just resident, it needs a lo to be done especially plugging te loopholes, security vulnerabilities and tightening loose ends and making it foolproof ,especially from the every first stage of applying for Aadhaar.

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