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    Are you like Lord Hanuman

    No, I didn't mean that you too have the power or strength as he has. Neither I am asking if you have done and difficult task as he does. However, believe it or not sometime or other, we do behave like him.


    Don't you forget your own inner strength? It is said that though Lord Hanuman is so powerful but often used to forget his own power and then he had to get reminded about it.

    Yes, there are time in most of us our life when we lost hope or giving up something which we can do it. In real sense, we are all capable of living our hard life no matter whatever the situations comes to us. We all are unique and different and that is why we are here in this world. Even when our heart beat was not started, we had defeated thousands life like us to get the privilege to born on this mother earth. But, like lord Hanuman, we too forget our real strength. We too need to get motivated and get to remind as what we can do or achieve. Many of us are like that what about you?
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    Nice post from the author. Often due to curse, Hanuman forgets his own strength and he only regains it on a reminder from other person. Why he has so much strength because , he had the guts to catch the sun and eat thinking as orange. So the curse would keep him under the check. Nevertheless we are also having that attitude that we do have some special strength within us and wont open up when required. Only when the situation goes out of hand we take some drastic action to prove our mantel. Only few people would have that mentality to regain strength and they already lost their hope by giving up.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. Many times even though we are capable of carrying out certain tasks we will be feeling that we can't do it. Then somebody from our family, friends or relatives will say that we are capable and motivate us to attempt that work. With half mind, we will start that. But as we progress in the work we will realise our potential and come out successfully with a bang. This happens in many cases. My brother after his B.Sc applied for SBI officers post. He started becoming nervous and not able to concentrate on the preparation. But my parents and I we encouraged him and told him that he can do it. Fortunately, he got selected in the written test. Then for appearing the interview also we trained him by conduction dummy interviews and then sending them to the bank officers who already got selected. Finally he got selected in the interview and now he is the Chief Manager inSBI,
    always confident

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    Yes, I'am.
    When faced with testing times, it's not that we cannot handle it or we don't have the strength to do it, It is the mind that wanders a lot thinking profound about the impact of the testing times/obstacles on our lives.

    The fear of not able to find money for the family, the fear or not able to get a job, the fear of how to live without our loved ones, at desperate times will the children suffer because of our shortcomings. These are the thoughts that often plague the mind. In the bargain, man fall preys to depression, anxiety, or takes up to addiction to overcome these.
    At such times we need a little faith, a group of well-wishers and family members to support us constantly. I live in the belief that nothing in the world that cannot be circumvented with the help of trusted people around us and the Almighty.

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