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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of TOW contest for the week 28th Jan'18-3rd Feb'18 on topic - Welcome )
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    Welcome the Guest/friend with your heart but keep your eyes and mind open

    "Athithi Devo Bhava" is our National tag line is not new but years old. Its meaning "'the guest is equivalent to God". Our culture and tradition is something we can always proud of. We have the old habit of welcoming even strangers with our open heart. However, our emotions and feelings most of the time betrayed us. We must be very careful when welcoming a Guest, friend or a relative, it is good to show the love and respect but at the same we should keep our all senses in alert mode.

    It was in 1608 when we had welcomed East India Company to do business with us. We had allowed our new guest/friend to trade with us. We allowed them to open factories in India; we allowed them to have their freedom. And, we were doing for a friend who shows us some beautiful dream of progress in trade/business. Little did we know that the same guest/friend will slowly capture our lands and would rule us for next 2000 years? How much we have paid to get back our freedom is a history now.

    In 1956, we welcomed our neighboring country's president as a guest for a goodwill mission. We did all to have better relationship with that neighbor friend. But, the same friend backstabbed us and forced us into 1962 war. This was one of the painful times India has ever had.

    We welcome a guest and they become friend, then we welcome them in our life. Our emotional mindset does not allow us to think practically and sometime we end the relationship with bitter and painful note. Sometimes the result is too close to get our life in danger. It is not that all our friends whom we welcome and trust are dishonest with us but the quantity of such friends or guests are countable.

    So, have friends, welcome new guest in your life but don't let your eyes and mind get closed with your emotions. It is always better if we check our friends properly before welcoming them in our life because one small mistake in our judgment and our entire life can spoil.

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    Indians are known for the best hospitality and that authenticated time and again. Actually we feel great to serve the guests and every home make good preparations for the new guests. If there is a big function or the marriage, the relatives and guests would arrive in advance and that makes the run up to the functions more interesting. Some relatives also help through their presence in every move of the function and thus there would be inclusive participation from visitors and guests and we are duty bound to welcome them with whole heart. That would be the great feeling.
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    We the Indians are the best hosts. They treat their guests as Gods. Whether the host eats or doesn't eat, he will see that his guest will be satisfied. This is the nature. I know some old people during my childhood, who never take lunch without a guest by his side to eat. Such is the hospitality of our country people. We always believe in the point that Athidhi Devo Bhava.
    But the author's suggestion regarding inviting new guests in our life, we should be careful. It is always better to say no in the beginning than at the end. So before inviting somebody please think twice and know about the other person well, keep your eyes and mind open. Then only welcome him. But once you welcome him you should not think back afterwards that unnecessarily I have welcomed this person.

    always confident

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