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    No points are given to response in this thread

    I have participated in the thread related to movie Newton. What I observed that some of its responses are not given any points or cash. I do not know why?

    Is there any reason?
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    You are not supposed to respond to threads which are older than 10 days. The validity of the thread is only 10 days. You should be happy you have not goi negative points. Without seeing the date by seeing the thread on the top of the list I have also responded and I got Zero points for my response. Many times ME advised on this forum not to respond to threads which are more than ten days old. I think now you are clear.
    always confident

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    It is worth remembering that threads are not automatically locked after 10 days, it would be active, allowing us to post the reply, hence the need to check the date.
    (I've too done the same)

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