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    How do you welcome challenges in your life?

    How do you welcome challenges in your life? Do you take them as the part of life or you try to escape from it? In my opinion, every challenge in life is an opportunity to show your potential. We have great potential and power to combat these challenges. The God is kind he wants to build up your confidence with the challenges in your path. Never try to escape from a challenge but always try to face it. You will not believe how would you be able to overcome this challenge with your potential. I always pray and fight with challenges come in my path of life and always overcome these challenges.
    Members, please share your opinion about challenges in life and how do you welcome these challenges?
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    When you are welcoming the good happenings, happy happenings with lots of cheer and even throwing party for that, then why should one fear for the challenges of life. In fact without the challenge a life is waste. From challenges we get know how to come out of the Boolbulaiya situation. That means how to come out of the chequered situation. In that process we would learn the intricacies of life. Suppose you are going on the bike or scooter and suddenly the petrol dries, what to do. You cannot tow down the vehicle to the pump which is far away. But those who have the idea they can request the passerby to push our vehicle through his legs and let him tow our vehicle through his vehicle pressure. Thus within no time we are at the petrol pump, Many a time I got help from the passerby this way to mitigate that challenge.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This 'lack of confidence' is the key factor holding us back wherein we feel that we no longer fit to win the challenges or the problems in life that we come across.

    We don't have any other way. So the only option we are left with is either to face to in order to conquer or try to ignore.

    We have different challenges in different facets of life. During student age we try to do some hard work in order to get higher marks then others. Then as we grow up, we required a good job then we have to perform to impress our bosses. In the mean time we need to go for investments so that we would be safe during our retirement period. The above are the normal practices.

    Now imagine a person not physically sound. Now, this is something no one wants to go through. But life is a matter of chance, wherein this got something good for you then at the same time it may surprise you with some bad experiences.

    But surely in all circumstances you won't want to have experiences of others life if you don't have partial option but to have it completely. Remember no one has the perfect life.

    So be optimistic & enjoy your life.

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    I don't wish for challenges but wish for opportunities. But when faced with challenges, I put my head down and do what is required. Challenges, difficult times are all part of life. Some face it stoically, some ignore and sulk away from challenges, some face it bravely.

    You don't need to fight every challenge, I think that's a wrong mindset to have that I will fight every challenge. We need to have the maturity and understand the challenges of life, some of the challenges are something to be aware of and as time passes by they too pass, what I mean is we need not fight all the challenges that come our way. We need to select the ones that profoundly affects us and the people around us.

    I've mentioned this because, some individuals try taking on every challenge that comes across them (which is humanly not possible) and end up being a failure in life for themselves and their families.

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    In our life we get so many challenges and obstacles but we must face them with courage and patience. We may not be successful in mitigating them but until unless we do efforts to overcome them how we know the result.

    The ultimate winner is one who is not discouraged by failures.

    Knowledge is power.

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