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    To start a new option download notes for the students

    Indiastudychannel is the number one education site and I feel that there should be an option for the students to download notes on the different subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, social studies, computer science, etc. We have an option project in article section but there are many members who can post regular notes on different subjects regularly and students can download these notes for there studies.
    It's my humble request and suggestion for the webmaster. Members, Please give your opinion whether you agree with me or not.
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    It is a good suggestion. The authors can write articles on various that are taught to the students. The students can read the article and if necessary, they can write the points after reading. There is no necessity for download. If it is given it will be good. Otherwise, also authors can send their articles related to the courses so that students will get benefitted. Various projects that will be useful to students can also be presented in this article section. A very good suggestion by the author and ISC top people may consider the suggestion positively.
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    It is an appropriate proposal for an educational site like ISC. I have no doubt that many students will be benefitted if the proposal is implemented. However, I think it would not be possible for ISC to implement the proposal at the present juncture. Moreover, the reliability of the notes will be open to questioning and may create various disputes.
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    A good idea in principle. There are many dedicated sites and blogs where you can download the notes.Many students and teachers themselves have sites.
    In ISC, I foresee issues related to credits, plagiarism and complaints from the external source/individual about content copyrighting.
    It would need a dedicated editor and web layout support to keep it relevant and updated regularly. There are numerous subjects, within subjects, we have year wise content, courses and we have to be really good and well organized so that we can attract traffic and compete with other established study notes sites.
    Let's see what the other members feel.

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    A good suggestion made by the author and hope the webmaster shall accede to the request. But in what way the site can be secured on this aspect has to be seen.
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