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    Does anyone miss our ISC seniors?

    Of late, I haven't come across the threads or forum replies of two of the popular and well-experienced members. Mr. Venkiteswaran and Mr.Sun.

    Maybe there are busy or traveling for personal work or trips. Being a regular in the forum, I miss their replies, suggestions, and threads.

    Does anyone else miss these two members or other regulars in forum?
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    Yes some of the regulars are not seen in this forum since long time. May be they are busy with personal commitments but they have not retired. Hope that they shall revert back soon.
    K Mohan
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    Yes, they are regulars, but I have noticed that sometime they go missing for consecutive 5-7 days. Most probably, this is one such period. They must be out of town and don't find opportunity or time to write for ISC nowadays.
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    Yes, I do miss them. I have myself not been able to be regular for past two months due to my exams and work. I would occasionally peep into ISC to see what's going on. I do see that Pooja, Nomita are missing apart from the people mentioned by the author.

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    Of course Yes. These two gentleman are always among the forum super star with their continuous contributions. As Sun has already accepted that he is busy with his other work and most of the time out so he is not able to contribute. Venkiteswaran may got busy too with his personal commitments may be this is why he is not available. We hope they come back soon and post their interesting forum post.

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    Welcome back Neethu, thanks for mentioning Pooja and Nomitha. this thread is for all the regular members who have been absent for sometime. Just to say that 'your absence has been felt in the forum'.

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    I was missing the presence and participation of Kailash Kumar. He gave good competition to me on daily basis and used to attend every thread with good response.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Recently I have not seen any postings or responses from Sun. Probably he is out of station or busy with some other assignment. That is why he is not coming here I think. I have not seen Venkiteswaran also last three or four days. Kailash Kumar is not so regular these days. Mainly we are all feeling the absence of Sun very much. Let us hope they all will become regular again shortly. Definitely, we will feel the absence of regular members is absent for 3 or 4 days.
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    I was not logging in for past few days. I just saw this thread. Thanks to Natarajan for raising this thread and taking a regardful concern about the fellow members who are not seen active for some days. I also thank all other members who resonated the sentiments of thread author.

    How can one leave the forum when such affectionate and caring members are there.? Any necessitating absence will again spring us back to the forum.
    To state my side, since the third week of December, many other engagements and activities take my time. They are of family, social ,community and personal religious events. In January alone I had many guests visiting me and myself visiting other relatives and friends, many of them unexpected and unscheduled too.
    I am still not fully free and may be 'off and on' until second week of March.
    I myself feel that I miss a lot too i not being away from the forum. But, sure,whenever I am able to login , I will do so as I cannot leave from forum for long, whatever be the reason. I consider ISC forum as if I am interacting face to face with you all.
    Once again my thanks for your affectionate concern.

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    Welcome back Sir, we had many threads related to God, replies of regular members like you were missed. It would have made the discussion more relevant.

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