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    Stuck at 99 for a quite long time

    When in a cricket match, the batsman gets stuck at 99, every player of the batting side becomes very anxious. The batsman himself becomes nervous, his team-mates start chewing their nails. The friends and relatives remain seated before the television set impatiently with bated breath. Once the batsman takes a single to reach the magic figure of 100, all of them including the batsman himself, heave a sigh of relief. During the time when the batsman is stuck at 99, the fielding side tries to create different types of pressure so that the batsman loses his concentration and gets out at 99.

    The playground of ISC is to some extent similar to the cricket ground for me. Today, when I checked the scoreboard, I suddenly noticed that I have been stuck at 99. When I checked further, I found that I last scored in the section way back on 12th December 2017. Till today (2nd February 2018), I am stuck at 99.

    Although nobody is tensed about my score, I have taken a resolve. Within next two days, I will post another update in the 'Information Updates' category and celebrate my century in that category.
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    I always follow your posts. You got your own style of conveying things. Cheers from my end to celebrate your century.

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    In cricket those who have performed opposite Sunil Gavaskar and he himself found very difficult to achieve that one run to complete the century as the opposite team would bring in fresh bowler to confuse the batsman and also setting the new field not to give that one run. All this happenings would bring negative vibes on the batsman and he he would commit mistake either by hook, getting out on stump, or a simple catch or even clean bowled. But there is no such pressure. All that the author needs is the zeal to contribute in that particular section to complete the task and he shall do it today itself.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I hope the author will complete his century at the earliest and my advance congratulations to him. There are players like Sehwag who never care what is his personal score but he will go on hitting. In that attempt, he may get out also on that score. But the author will not be like him but he will like Gavaskar who ensure his century. Come what may he will be making the record very shortly. I wish all the best to the author.
    always confident

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    99 on which section! However, member like you should not get stuck for longer period of time. We will be waiting to hear next update from you about your century. Till then keep playing your "natural game".

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    You are stuck at 99 in the information updates category, It's just a number from 99 to 100 but like in cricket, I think it plays on your mind and thought process. I think, the fear of the unknown that whether I will get the century with the next ball or get out for the next ball is in cricket. But here, you don't have to start again. You will cross over soon.

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    Posted my 100th update. Now, I am waiting for the change in scoreboard, i.e., review and approval of the update.
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    At long last, the century comes! The scoreboard has recorded the latest single (the update has been approved).

    Thanks to all Members for their good wishes.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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