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    A logic that I understood

    One thing is clear to me after so many things. In life, there is no need to understand everything just go with the flow and try to understand the only thing going in that moment, and it will be enough.
    Because more we try to be logical, Life throws more illogical things in front of us and we waste all our time in finding logic for those illogical things.
    When in truth life has no logic at all its just like a river flowing, and we are a mere leaf or an ant or a small creature flowing in it thinking we have some importance but in truth, we don't have any importance.
    All that is important is the flow of the river. We may find some points were we believe we have understood that flow but it's just a momentarily misunderstanding.
    I think intelligent people never run behind logic in that way i.e, why life reveals its mystery to them in a way the never thought it will not to those who run behind it.
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    The importance of logic has been explained and how some people take the life easy without following the logic was also well narrated. Wise persons are those who wont waste the time on issues of no importance and not required. They simply follow their mind and heart and thus does the work which gives them the most satisfaction. Very few follow the heart and mind because we are more interested in others advise and try to follow. And those who are self made persons and having the capacity to take decisions on their own are always winners without any doubts. So living our own is good.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Life is like a river which is always flowing. It depends on us how we move according to the speed of river(life) which is always flowing. Yes, you are right that there is nothing logical and the successful person is the one who works according to himself. When a person takes advice from others seriously, he starts thinking about that advice and wastes his time.
    One should what he likes to be, not how others like him. So be what you are, don't bother about others. Catch the speed of river(life) as time and tide waits for none.

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    My thinking is a little different here. I accept that we are a small creature floating in the river stream. But that small creature also will put all his efforts to come out of the woods. It may not be successful but it will attempt. Like that we will also try to come out of our difficulties. There definitely some logic is required. If you fill a lamp with oil and light it and keep it in open. Definitely, it will get put off. Like this, we can't leave everything saying that what has to happen will happen. So as a human being we all always try to be happy and comfortable. For that, we will be always doing something or other. In doing so we must use our logic. Otherwise, the things will become worst. Of course finally, we all will say it is destiny.
    always confident

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    Life is an enigma that some people try to decode and fail spectacularly. At times, life throws up events, hurdles, opportunities, and questions that are difficult to understand or decipher.Just when you think you have got life figured out, it throws a surprise that instantly turns your world into a sea of chaos.

    Youngsters with a full life ahead of them are snatched of from this world, elders who have completed their responsibilities live for many months in a comatose state at hospitals. A bread winner sadly drops dead suddenly at work and the family are left to pick the pieces.

    With such happenings, we should not try and look for logical in life, we should lead our lives ( go with the flow) without harming others or planning for the next 50 years. In this respect, we should live as if we are on a very limited time on earth.

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    In our life we do have options sometimes but most of the times it is opposite when we have no control and we just go with its flow.

    Philosophers and saints have tried to unravel the mystery of the life - what it is and why it is so but the explanations are still not adequate to understand the mystery.

    When we have alternatives we can exercise them but when there is nothing in our hands, what we can do? Just go as it is.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Though initially we may feel that we cannot comprehend many things, by and by we learn and understand them also. So a first standard student may feel his lessons tough, but by the time he reaches the second standard,he would have felt them easier, and now the second standard subjects appear tough.

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