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    Should we welcome our future?

    Life is an arduous journey and full of challenges. Sometimes we succeed in our endeavours while sometimes we fail miserably.

    The time only moves in forward direction and we do not have any means to redo our past. Whatever happened has happened.

    As the future is uncertain we have many apprehensions about it. We are always baffled with new situations and find one excuse or other to escape from facing them. Most of the people have a great degree of resistance for change, for new situations and for new challenges.

    I feel we should not be afraid of these new situations in life but in fact welcome them and assimilate them in our actions so that a solution emerges and we move ahead.

    Life is ever changing and the new situations will be sometimes favourable to us while sometimes not. There is no pick and choose in this path, we have to work hard and find a way to progress ahead.

    People argue that fate is the everything and we should not bother much. But no one has foreseen his fate and only what has already happened is attributed to it. So if future can not be foreseen why not do efforts to have a better future rather to idle away our valuable and precious time.

    Let us be constructive and welcome our future.

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    Do we have any other choice? Certainly NO.
    This is what came out after reading the title of this thread.

    Why to afraid? I feel people those who provide excuses are the "weak" people. A change is a natural process, whether you want it or not, it is going to happen. So, instead of thinking too much about it, we should work out positively for the future.

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    The future is predefined. No choice except welcoming the same. If we get afraid we will unnecessarily get nervous. So instead of that simply inviting the same is the best option. Get mentally prepared to take the future with a hug and carry on forward with your own way of thinking and acting. If we afraid and get nervous the things will get messed up. So be happy come what may, be smiling and plan for any happening and march forward. If you behave like this you will have a better future. Of course, we can't change the destiny. Try your best and behave with logic and don't expect anything. Then you will be very strong and your future will be good.
    always confident

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    We have a rough idea of what the expect for the next week or month but when it comes to years, we really can't guess what is in store in our future. Most of us try spending time second guessing what is already planned for us.
    We are just actors playing our part as directed.
    The only major thing we can do is improvise. So, we need to have an open mind, think positively and welcome the future so that we can do better with what is given to us, rather than having pre-conceived ideas about our own future.
    Some experts talk about creating our own future, I doubt this, we can explore various options at our disposal or create a path for us and accept it as our future, when in reality we are just re-shaping it.

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