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    Let's welcome God in our daily life

    In this age, God does not appear before us like during the times of Lord Rama and Krishna to listen to our problems and help us. But does that mean that he does not exist and should not be given importance? For the believers in God, it is a well-known fact that God is omnipresent and always comes to help of his true believers even today. But do we have space and time for him in our daily life? An old Sanskrit couplet says that "We always remember God during sad times and forget him during happy times, if we remember him during happy times also then difficulties won't come".

    So true. Many people always pray during difficulties but seldom when things are going smooth. In happy times sometimes people are too busy in enjoying happy moments. Wouldnt it be nice if we carve out few minutes to welcome God into our daily life? It does not mean going to temples and praying for the sake of formality. A simple and sincere prayer before sleeping, getting up and while working is all that is needed.

    The belief that God is present and an honest effort to feel his presence around us can give you a lot of patience in fighting the difficulties of life.

    But how to feel his presence when he is not visible?

    Recall the time when you were in the utmost of your bad times and solution was found on the verge of time. Recollect the time when you were not able to think forward and suddenly one night you got a brilliant idea from nowhere which worked for you. You are feeling defeated in life and then you happen to meet a person who changes your life. Are these not manifestations of God helping you in a subtle and invisible form? Intelligentsia may contradict but someone who believes in God knows how he is always around.

    God helps his disciples via methods and mediums unimaginable. It takes immense visualization, introspection and connection with our inner self to recognize and realize God's helping hand in our lives.

    So let's try to welcome God into our life.

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    God is omnipresent. True. I am a strong believer in God. I start my day with a prayer to God. I go to sleep with a prayer. It is my practice to perform puja everyday morning. I say always Whatever today I am it is because of him only. So never had any doubt about his presence.
    Unfortunately, in these times, we can't see Him. But we can feel him.
    After completing my M.Sc I want to apply for CSIR fellowship. For that, we have to obtain the application from Delhi, get it filled and get the signature of the Guide and submit to the university. No online those days. I have sent my request for the application. But the application had not come, I was getting nervous. That day was the Vinayaka Chaviti day. If I receive the application on that day, the next day was the last day. On that day, if it was not coming last the chance for that year. On that, I was performing the Vinayaka puja in the morning and I prayed the GOD that I should receive the application on that day. To my happiness, the postman brought the application immediately after the puja. I could apply and get the fellowship that year. So I don't require any other indication to believe his existence.

    always confident

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    The Ram & Krishna were never the Gods but their immensely big jobs performed by them make them great & different.

    We made them God & there are many other personifications as well that we can see in our daily life. One example could be of Satya Sai Baba from South India. The problem is he was in artificial ventilator when he took his last breath. Surprisingly he was dependent on this artificial ventilator wherein many believed that he comprises of the super power & able to save others life.

    In the same way, how we can have a monkey God. Could someone pl. clarify about how this had communicated with Ravan when he was sent as an ambassador from Ram's behalf.

    I am raising doubt but there has to be a logic when we speak or think.

    I am not an atheist by the way but believe in Vedic principle of origination & existence of the universe. Something which is not logical in life & happening can't be possible.

    Requesting for more inputs in case I am not done because if this discussion continues then will be forever as this can only be experienced but at the same time can't be proved.

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    Good thread from the author connecting religious sentiment to the tow topic. Yes even in good or bad times we should invoke the God and remember him on daily basis. Not necessarily to seek help or boon, but to thank for earlier favours and also giving the chance to sustain living against the all odds. Every one remembers the God when confronted with bad period or sad moment. If we remember the God on daily basis, even those sad moments wont come and if at all challenge period comes we must have the courage to withstand it and that is why invoking the God on daily basis needed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I believe in God and do not question his presence or methods. I think it's individual's choice. For some one who is well set in life with everything in hand, he may not think much about God. But at extremely difficult times, even an atheist would contemplate for a moment, can I turn to God for advise or help.
    Glad, the the author has mentioned about formalities and temples. I don't think we can fool God by just doing things without being truthful with ourselves. Some go by the logic that, bigger the trouble, bigger should be the pooja or donation.
    One doesn't need to do elaborate pooja and functions, distribute wealth to poor people to prove or invoke the blessings of God. All it needs is being a good human being, doing our jobs, helping others etc. If we do this day in and day out, then we have already welcomed God in our daily lives!

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    Late Tamil poet Kannadaasan has said in his work 'Arthamulla indumatham'(Meaningful Hindu religion) that as far as things do not happen as exactly expected and things that we do not expect happen-God will exist. He also said that as far as the exact time of birth and death are hidden and not known to us beforehand-God will exist.
    There is always a gap between the cup and the lip.

    We can fill such un-explainable gaps, happenings or non-happenings, by belief in God.

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    The idea of daily welcoming God or praying Him on a regular basis is the essence of all religious doctrines. The author has amalgamated all those ideas in this beautiful thread.

    The interesting thing is whether you believe in God or not but daily concentrating and giving some time worshipping an unknown power you feel yourself strengthened and will be ready to struggle your way out in the tedious journey of life.

    All the religions in the world survived with this single proposition of getting strength from the unknown almighty. May not look rational but it works.

    Knowledge is power.

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