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    Do you think telling a lie is easy, think again

    So, dear members, we tell a lie depending on our situation. Almost everybody of us think that it is very easy to utter a lie. However, I think little different. Today I would like to ask you to tell us the biggest lie you can ever produce. Can you do it?

    You see, how your mind started thinking! Really its not easy. So, think again, roll your mind and bring the most creative lie you can tell to us.

    The biggest lie from me is - Once in my school days I kick the football so high that it never come back to Earth. I am still searching that ball.

    How about you? Isn't it interesting!
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    If we tell a lie it should be in such a way that people should believe it. But the lie you told is not believable. If we tell a lie it should be a lick a concrete wall. But it is should not be like a fence with mesh. We have to think and see that the other person is not able to recognise that we are telling a lie.
    I was playing cricket in my school days. When I was in the college I played cricket against Mumbai team. In Mumbai team, Sachin is one of the players. I have seen that our team won. Then Sachin came and asked me to discontinue playing record otherwise he told me that I will beat him in all his records. So I accepted and from the day onwards I stopped playing cricket. That is how I made a way to the success story of Sachin. Is it not a big lie.

    always confident

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    An interesting thread on lies, the best lies are the ones that children invent to skip school, forego tuition, trying to justify after fighting with their friends or breaking a glass item at the neighbors house.
    We, adults would be lying with difficulty, malice or ill intent, but children lie with a look and tone of honesty that is very convincing.

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