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    An issue with the server of ISC

    As an avid user of ISC, I love to contribute as much as I can and to share best of my knowledge and experiences. For enhanced user experience to the contributor and to the user, a smooth loading of the website as well at optimal speeds is necessary. Lately since past 2 - 3 days I am experiencing immense lag in the site and sometimes the website doesn't load at all. There is a huge latency as well.

    These are my most common observations in past 2-3 days:

    1. HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.
    The above error means that the Web server (which provides hosting server to ISC) is currently unable to handle the HTTP request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the server. This is has been happening many times.

    2. 10% slowest performance links
    Some links are slowing down the website as tested for websites performance and latency issues. The homepage loading time is nearly 15 seconds sometimes. The major link that is slowing down the website loading time is:

    I would suggest reducing the logo image size to improve the loading speed.

    3. 404 Errors
    Basically, this means clients i.e users or contributors are unable to access the given server which in this case is the web server provider of ISC. I have switched 4 computers and 3 mobiles (different IP address and mac address) to test this when I got this error to check if the problem is on my side. But the problem is on the hosting side.

    I am not pointing anyone here except the web hosting provider for this site. Sometimes we may experience this due to overloading or maintenance but continuous errors may impact the quality of the website and some users may lose interest in visiting the site if this happens again and again.

    I would suggest web admins reduce the flash content and logo sizes to improve the site loading speed and enhance the user flexibility. Check with hosting server or if we have a dedicated server of our own, check with latency and error issues as well.

    The post is intended to bring notice the errors that I have been experiencing in past few days and to suggest some of my own ideas.

    Thank You.
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    Dr. V. Shashikanth,

    Thanks for your feedback about the various issues. The Webmasters have been informed.

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    Thank you Vandana and I hope the issue is resolved soon. I am attaching a screenshot of one of the error I was facing with very frequently in this response. Kindly have a look.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Today from the morning I am also observing some problem with the site. It is not getting loaded and the screen is showing that the site can't be loaded now. While using also the site is getting disconnected and not getting connected. But from last one hour, it is working alright. There is no problem with the internet connection. Other sites are getting opened. I don't whether any problem is there with the webpage. This was the first time I experienced this type of problem with this site.
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    For me yesterday, the site was slow, with a 'timeout' error showing while trying to submit answers to thread and articles. Today no issues.

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    Yes I was also facing some problems in browsing between pages and the sections and found the site taking too much time and I thought my internet was slow. Thanks for responding with great details to take necessary action.
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