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    Can you justify your name with your personality?

    Are your personality traits reflected by your name? Consider if your name & personality are inter-related in any way in this thread.

    In our country a name is such important thing for that we have different ceremony. The parents take so much pain to find a good name for their baby. And, Finally we get a name which we have to carry entire our life.

    Some names are so unique at the same time their are some name which are very common. Every name has its own meaning which may or may not reflect on people who carry it. Some people are too cool then some people are aggressive in their nature.

    What does your name meaning? Can you justify it with your personality?

    I am Jeet and its meaning "Win". I don't know whether I can justify it with my personality or not but I do have "never say die" attitude and I can not be defeated so easily in any matter or situation in my life.

    What about yours?
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    There may not be any relation to the personality. Earlier days in our families it was a custom to name the son with the name of father's father and if it is daughter her name will be father's mother. Another son means his name will be mother's father and another daughter means mother's mother. Those days in a house the parents used to go for many children. But these days only one or maximum two. So the names will be very long on the day of the naming ceremony but afterwards, only a short name will be written in the records.
    I was named after my grand father{My father's father). His personality is entirely different from that of mine. He is quite long but I am of average height only. He was very lean and I am not lean. His mentality and qualities are entirely different than mine. So I don't know how to compare.

    always confident

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    A person's personality cannot justify the name nor can a name determine the personality of the person. Personality comprises of certain traits and attitudes, a specific temperament, behaviour and the like, all of which makes up what we call the persona.

    A likeable person who is always helpful & caring could have a name like Shaitan! Does his personality justify his name? Somebody who is always arrogant, rude & opinionated and is generally boorish in behaviour can have a name like Sabhya, meaning one who is refined. Does his name justify his personality?

    And, by the way, the "never say die" attitude can apply to a whole lot of people who do face challenges head-on in a spirited manner & don't give up so easily, no matter what & who comes their way - and no matter that their name is not 'Jeet'!!

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    In simple terms, we don't live up to our names often. There are a few comedy scences in movies wherein the hero will not be impressed hearing the traditional sounding name of the heroine until he sees her live for the first time.

    Names earlier were based on family practices, I've seen people calling young boys respectfully because they carry the name of the great-grandfather. Then came a time when names were decided after much deliberations or based on family Gods and Goddesses, now names are chosen based on the first letter that the family elders approve.So, names also reflect what our parents/family views are like.

    Hearing the name for the first time without seeing the person, we have a mental picture of how the person would be and then get surprised when the individual is opposite of what we had heard of. As far as I am concerned, I don't dance in reality and I don't dance for the tunes or commands of others too.

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    We had some interesting threads in previous years on the meanings of names & ones related to personality, too. Check them out -
    1. Do you know the meaning of your name?
    2. Does your name affect your personality?
    3. What's in a Name? There is something in mine!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Vandana, it seems my name "Jeet" does not go well with you. Nevermind, what a whole of the things you have spoken exactly that is why I have posted this thread.

    Like how you said that "Shaitan" name does not apply or justify a person who is caring. This thread is all about this. What I mean is if one does have his name "Shaitan" does he behave like real Shaitan? If one name is "Sabhya" does he behave like that.

    I have not posted this thread for "debate" I have just asked simple question. Whether your name justify your character. Yes or No. Why should I go and search whether who is having "never say die " attitude or not? There may be whole lot of people and I am surely not the only one. But I do have such "never say die" attitude and it match with my personality and my name, what problem do you have with it?

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    Jeet Singh,

    I am not debating, but discussing the topic because you are implying the connection between a name & the personality of the person who has that name. You did not just ask a simple question. You also stated, "Every name has its own meaning which may or may not reflect on people who carry it." That's exactly what I am saying, that a name may not be a reflection of the person at all. I have taken up that aspect of your thread's topic and given my views with examples to support it.

    I have no objections whatsoever to your name, or for that matter, to anybody else's name. Why should I? And did I say you should look around for others with a similar attitude?! That's your misconceived understanding of my response.

    Anway, let's not get into a one-on-one discussion and take the thread off-track trying to explain each other's responses!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Our names are not chosen by ourselves. It is very often by parents. In our community the names chosen are based on certain customers. As Dr. Rao (#625244) has mentioned my parents followed the custome of giving the name of grand father. (Being the second son I got maternal grand father's name).
    The name, Sankaran is referring to Lord Shiva. The word meaning is "one who gives peace" - the word is of Sanskrit origin. If I remember correctly, a friend of mine gave the meaning as "Sam karothi ithi Sankara". (those who know Sanskrit may correct me).
    I am a peace loving person by birth. I never get involved in quarrels. In that sense I think my name suits me. However, others are to judge it

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    Ms Vandana (edited capital Letter)
    Why not get into one to one? It is you who has started. I doubt if my name was Kailash, Venkiteswaran, Patro or Ganesh, I doubt you would have come the same way you have shouted your response. The fact is not only you entire ISC editor have the problem with my name Jeet. Because I am not the one who run behind them or allow them to rule my life in ISC.

    Did I also said that only I have "never say die " attitude. Don't I know there are people better than me available in this world? You should better don't have any problem with my name.

    Now will you allow my thread to discuss peacefully?

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    M. Sanakaran post #62526 should be taken an example as how he has reacted as per the thread asked. He has not only discussed it in other matter regarding name but also mentioned that his name is matching with his personality. If you don't match with your personality, say in simple words. What is there to include my "attitude" for this thread purpose when I have already mentioned about it. If one does not like my "attitude", it is just not my problem!

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    In our caste normally if a male child is born the name of the great grand father or the grand father would be carried on and other option left to the parents to decide. That means one name will be official and other name will be nick name for the child on daily basis. But in my case I am being the eighth child of my parent, they kept the name as Mohan, which implies handsomeness and beauty. It seems I was hefty baby with lots of chubby cheeks. And thus my name has the meaning. Everyone has their own discretion in keeping the name and that cannot be same with others.
    K Mohan
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    Well...I'm Aditya..Sun God of Hindus.
    I'm radiant. Glowing with ideas and thoughts.
    Sluggish in action. Dark in composure.
    Mostly alone. Never go out at nights.
    Love summers. Love sweets.
    I love writing and learning new stuff. I'm very much healthy compared to my contemporaries.

    Looks like I more than justify my name.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Mr. Jeet Singh, I am sorry to read your response to my note. Where did I mention about ' attitude', I just tried to give the meaning of my name 'Sankaran' . Nothing more than that I have done. Also I added that, meaning of my name suits to my behaviour.
    Perhaps you mistook the post.

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    No Mr Sankaran I have not mistook your response. you have not not got irritated with my "never say die" attitude and this is what I have mentioned. You have only spoken with the regards with the subject. Unlike the one response who got annoyed with my words and mentioned that there are so many other people who has never say die attitude and their names are not Jeet. Which is absolutely correct but saying this one can understand that how much the person is got irritated just because I feel my name match with my attitude and personality.

    And this is what I have said. Now you can see Aditya's reply the same way he has posted his thought without mentioning about my attitude.

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    I haven't found any reliable source which explains the meaning of my name so my name has nothing to do with my personality or maybe I can say that my name doesn't justify my personality.

    I have asked my parents why did they choose to name me "Neethu", they replied that back at that time, it was their favorite and wanted to name their daughter as Neethu and hence I got my name.

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    It is not possible to justify one's name with the personality. The name is given at birth and the personality develops later. The name and personality do not have any relationship with each other. It is the case with almost everyone.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    Jeet Singh,

    It is unfortunate to see your continued animosity towards me and to the editing team in general.
    It is unfortunate that you have this pre-conceived notion that I have responded to the thread because you have posted it and not because Kailash Kumar, Venkiteswaran, Jagdish Patro or Saji Ganesh has posted it.
    It is unfortunate that you object not to just my views on an interesting topic but to my very presence in your thread. I liked the topic, I wanted to have my say. That's all. As you are the author of this thread, I am genuinely sorry if you felt offended by my responses.

    This year was at the outset marked as one with the hope of fresh beginnings vis-a-vis better interactions between ISCians. From the bottom of my heart I genuinely hope one day that you will have a more open mind-set and try to see that nobody really has some kind of dislike or hatred of you as you seem to think.

    As the author of this thread, I will respect your request to stay out of this thread. In fact, I will defer my participation in all your threads on general topics henceforth since you obviously do not want me to.

    (Just one request - there is no need to shout out my name; please change the name in all caps to sentence case as is our general instruction to everyone.)

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    My name is Partha. Like others, I had no role to play in choosing my own name. The elders had chosen this name with a hope. They hoped that I would be a gallant warrior with the ability to fully concentrate on each and every issue which I confront. But unfortunately, I have belied their expectations. Particularly I can't concentrate on a single issue for a long time.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    625248#, you wrote - "And, by the way "never say die" attitude.......................and no matter that their name is not "Jeet" .
    Read these words again, don't you think that my "name" and my "attitude " irritated you so much! Your tone and tenor can be easily find out here as how much you got annoyed when I spoke about myself and you have to forcibly write that not only me but whole lot of people have this attitude. Anyone who will read this can easily guess your expression. You have put both my name and attitude in double inverted coma. Couldn't you have said it simply without ending with my name?
    This is why I said that when my name appear, the opinion and the tone gets changed by the ISC editors and this is not new for me.

    #625340 - what you are talking about my "preconceived notion", it is my almost 6 years experience in ISC. Recently the email talk with you and with BCC to other members proved that how reluctant you people are towards me. There are many such instances if I recall, your honesty will be on danger. You are talking as if you editors are not get born through mother' womb but directly sent by God. And this is very "Unfortunate " if even a single member feels so.

    The ISC editors are the most sensitive people! They take not time to delete my words or edit when they find it offended as per their opinion. But, when I get offended, when I openly say that something has hurt me, how many times you have edited or deleted your words? Why, do I have no feelings or emotions? What you feel and think is the only correct? Because you are editors so you have the power.

    Recently, your LE who does not know that I am such old member talk about my "potential " in SOW award thread as if I had just started writing good content in ISC. when I said openly that I got hurt by his opinion, does you take back your words or edited it? NO. Here you shouted "unfortunate " words number of time but don't have your eyes to see that why it "unfortunate ". It is because of your dictating behaviour.

    I too felt that this year will bring fresh changes in Editors behaviour towards me. And I am doing it my best. However until you stop dictating or forcing your opinion to me....nothing going to change and I am not here to lick editors feet here. Whenever I feel to raise my voice I will do it.

    Also, please remember this that I will come and show you as how your tones comes out for another member next time when such kind of thread get posted by your liking members.

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    My name is Santosh its meaning is satisfaction I think As per my name nature is same My face always say I am satisfied but soul say get something more in life to earn satisfaction but day by day you will never satisfied because there is no end of earning things for life because things are infinite in the world.

    Someone told me if you have no eager at the time of end then you will get Moksha but this time its very difficult to get Moksha .

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Like many others, I did not choose my name.
    Like many others, it was chosen by my parents.

    I believe in the concept of name reflecting their character. Because, our parents have few dreams on us, they name us with those dreams in their mind. Many times, they name us the characters of their favorite God, Celebrity, legends or fictional characters of any literature. So, their attraction to those characters and dreams will obviously reflect in their kid, either from pregnancy or in brought up.

    Coming to the relevance of my character with name Srimathi,
    Sri - mathi. Sri means resplendent. Mathi denotes brainy.
    In simple, Srimathi means a person with enriched intelligence. I can't say, I am completely of that person, but my thirst to gain knowledge and to enrich with intelligence is never ending one. I continue to put on effort for it.
    So, I could see my name reflects my character in my interested subjects.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    My name is Pooja, and its meaning is simple and clear meaning to worship. But it just not matches my personality in terms of praying God, as I hardly pray him once or twice in a month. But there is one thing, I firmly believe in HIM and his existence.
    Do what inspires you !!

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