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    Welcome the World Peace

    We are living in an era where all odds are not very favorable for well being of humans. Problems are growing in an arithmetic progression when compared to the last century. Pollution, Crime Rate, Atomic Powers, Unknown diseases, degrading humanity are few things which explain our current state. Beautiful mother earth is not enough for humans to live and lead a peaceful life, after spoiling earth we are hunting for new planets to go and destroy its natural beauty. Nations spend more on atomic power when compared to any other thing which will help humanity to grow further. We humans should welcome new inventions, supporting systems for poor people who live in countries which do not care much about poverty and well being of their own people. We should welcome actionable new thoughts that will take us to the next level without hurting other living beings in the ecosystem. We should welcome borderless approach where there is no color, race and communal discrimination is encouraged. New pacts should be made between all the countries in the world to stop building atomic warfares and an everlasting peace should be welcomed.
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    A thoughtful almost philosophical thread that views the entire world as one big family and ensure that all is well without senseless destruction of nature and fellow humans.
    Unfortunately, people who endorse this view in practice are very few, hence all the negativity around us.

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    It is a well written and trying to bring in the Global village concept. If really everyone can digest this concept and implement in their life this whole earth will become the best place to live in and human beings will be like humans. Nature which is a gift God and we are all spoiling this the planet. If the same trend is continued a day may come when this planet will be allowing any human being will exist on this planet. So let us all develop the concept of global family and have a concept of taking a friendly attitude towards all the fellow human beings and maintain universal brotherhood with all.
    always confident

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