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    Is it an appropriate to announce the increment of wages for president and vice president in Budget?

    As there was an announcement in Budget-2018 there is a salary hike for President, Vice-presidents, and Governor.A budget should be addressed to People needs but not for Individual needs or purposes.Is it appropriate to announce Salary hikes for President, Vice president, and Governors?How will it be Justified to announce the salary increase of the respective gentlemen?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question
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    I think this is the first time we are hearing about salary hike for President, Vice President and Governers. It is not mandatory they should do it in the budget. They can be increased at any time. But why it is specially mentioned in the budget is not known. There may not be any particular intention for that.
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    In a lighter vein take it this way. Only one year is left for this NDA government to be in office and it is preparing some bills to be brought into the Parliament and may go to the extent of having creating new laws if the Parliament does not pass the same. President, Vice President are important to them to give accent to their bills and hence this favour. Like wise the governors are also doing nice job. For example we could see how our Governor Narasimhan has been maintaining good relations with the both CM's of Telangana and AP. And hence to express that gratitude this increase has been made in the budget itself and that is no wrong.
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    We have been hearing about people in power at various places getting a big hikes including MPs. So why not the Presidents,Vice President and Governors. They are also directly or indirectly working for people.Whether the hike was overdue or done to appease them, we need to wait and see if other information emerges.

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    The wages revision would be reviewed for every five years for these posts while a Pay Commission for every ten years for their subordinates i.e., the central Government employees. I don't understand the model on which the budget is prepared. No special package and aid was announced for the two states AP and Telangana while Karnataka gets some relief. Let us not discuss more about the budget.

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