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    How to welcome the changes in life

    Life is all about surprises and shocks. Sometimes, these can be pleasant ones and at other times, these turn out to be so unfavorable that they can shake us to our cores. We have two options in front of us. Either we can stop proceeding forward and try our best to resist ourselves from going down that road or else we can gracefully embrace all the changes that come down the road which will ultimately lead us forward. We resist going down the road as we know that we are going to face all sorts of changes which will ultimately change our whole life. We cannot let the fear of going through the changes pause us in our journey. We need to become fearless and stop ourselves from getting panic attacks as change is inevitable and we need to get over this fear. If we are scared of the changes then it is for sure that we will get drowned.

    We need to stop reacting. In each and every moment of our life, there is an undercurrent of change that is running. We need to accept the risk and do what we need to do. Sometimes, we need to just take a chance and stop over thinking as thinking too much will drain away the essential energy. It is better to not know a few things and take a leap of faith. Acceptance will help us to overpower ourselves. If we stop running away from changes and gracefully welcome them into our lives then this will help us in our growth. Most of our worries and anxieties that we create related to changes are unnecessary. We need to overcome them by strengthening ourselves and by lifting ourselves high enough where there is no place for anxiety or stress. If we consciously take our decisions and welcome these changes then each day we are consciously becoming a better version of who we are.

    This is my entry for TOW contest of the week- Welcome.
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    When change is inevitable welcome it with open hands. Let us not hesitate to welcome it. Always anything happening in our life is for our betterment only. Let us take it positively and try our best to get accustomed to the change. Let us tune ourselves to the situation and act accordingly. A nice presentation by the author and good write up. We should be positive about the changes. Automatically the outcome will be always good only.
    always confident

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    As life goes on smoothly, some of us suddenly face a few hurdles that can potentially derail our life. These are happenings that we do not have much control over except how we react and overcome it.

    Some shrink away from such challenges and life starts to fumble. Many get withdrawn and allow the challenge to take it's the course that can have an adverse result. Some have the confidence and mindset to quickly get over the dejection of such challenges and stand up to it and steer the course towards a positive outcome.

    Not all of us would welcome adverse events but we have to be prepared for it when obstacles arise without warning. Instead of being devastated, the author's concept of welcoming the change/challenge with inner strength so that they can overcome hurdles and get back to life quickly.

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    Whether we welcome or not, changes are bound to happen. If we resist, we may get fatigued, but still have to yield subsequently. But if we keep open mind and try to accept change and adopt or adapt to the realities , the transformation and passage will be smooth.

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    Very nice post, Life needs acceptance and continuous learning. Learning curve is most important in life. Either you learn it from others or you have to face difficult situations. It is better you analyse others mistakes and don't make it in your life. I am satisfied with my life but if we are capable enough to make some changes in world. We should do that as well.

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    Life Is ever changing and new challenges will be there on a regular basis. Those who are able to face them and assimilate them in their actions and efforts can go ahead comfortably and reach their goals.

    There is no point in escaping our responsibilities and duties as all those unattended jobs will finally fall back on us only.

    Facing the challenges as part of life and mitigating them with full efforts is the only key to the locked door of success.

    Knowledge is power.

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