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    Can Gandhigiri work today?

    Do you think the Bollyword formula of Gandhigiri can be utilized effectively in today's times? Interesting thought to discuss!

    An old comedy Sanjay Dutt movie "Munna Bhai...." depicted approach of Gandhigiri as per which we should give flowers to even those who create problems for us and in due course of time that person will realize his mistake and improve. So I was wondering in this age of "Tit for Tat" how this would work if we try to implement it?

    Gandhigiri seems very silly in today's world but question is that "Are the problems getting solved even with "Tit for Tat" and "This for That" approach. I do not think so.

    The first person creates the problem for the second person. The second person, in turn, creates a bigger problem for the first person and this goes on and on without a solution. Someone speaks rudely to you and you speak even more rudely to him and it continues. The end result is that none of the party realizes their mistake.

    Personally, if I imagine that if I have done bad to someone and that person does not care about it and in turn reciprocates good behaviour to me repeatedly then my conscience will tickle me and make me introspect on my behaviour. I feel it can work sometimes but not always. It is possible too that with this approach some people will take advantage of you. Sometimes Tit for Tat approach needs to be followed to set the things right.

    So what is your take on this? Do you think Gandhigiri approach can work ever in this age of violence? Have you ever implemented it anytime or do you plan to try it out and see the results?
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    Gone are the days. If we take Gandhi as our role model and if we try to use those techniques these days, the people will take care of the advantage. If somebody slaps us one side if we show the other side also he will slap on the other side also. So those methods will never work. These are the days where we should follow the principle that to cut a diamond we have to use another diamond only. Thorn for thorn should be the philosophy these days. I strongly believe in this methodology these days.
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    What Gandhiji practised was 'passive resistance' and self torture or self suffering instead making others suffer.
    Probably before Gandhiji Jesus has also advised such a method.
    The basic principle in this approach of what we call Gandhigiri is actually treating the offender also as a fellow human being and making him see reason and right perspective and make him understand his fault and make him yield to the right demands which he might be opposing.

    Very recently I saw a whatsapp clip which showed that even a charging elephant stops and stays harmless in front of a calm and firm person. So humans, who are supposed to have a sixth sense can behave equally good or even better. We had experience of many extremists leaving those ways and coming to normal peaceful life.
    But why Gandhigiri cannot succeed nowadays is not because the method is wrong, bu we do not have so much righteous and fully honest and transparent leaders as we had during Gandhiji's times and and for some more time also.little later also.
    If Gandhigiri is practised by worthy leaders even now, it will yield results. Personally I believe in Gandhian ways of satyagraha and passive and non-violent resistance to get our due rights achieved.

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    What I feel that even if Gandhiji would be alive now, he would be forced to change his attitude not by his character of Gandhigiri but for the behaviour of the society. Every one feels that tit for tat is the best remedy to get out of the anger and situation, otherwise people think that we are fit for nothing. One should retaliate and register his protest against the injustice and no Gandhigiri would work now. Many protests takes place for want of justice and the government wont heed to them. If they stoop on arson, then the government would invite them for talks. So even government does not want Gandhigiri.
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    Just my opinion, but Gandhigiri never actually worked.
    If you're solely creditting Gandhi for our independence, you're more than wrong.
    Gandhi was just one of many winds which caused the cyclone of independence.

    If peaceful methods are effective, then there would be no wars. British had to leave because their rule was breaking. Under the Queen, the colonies became very aggressive and unmanageable. Queen wasn't such an effective ruler I believe.
    Moreover freedom struggle of America, Sri Lanka and South American countries along with countless African countries were all violent freedom struggles. Indians thought of doing the same and we did too until the 1900s.
    But the old and experienced Gandhi was the leader that nation needed. He was a good if not great leader. That is the reason why is 'bloodless wars' were successful.
    He knew that a war would wound the pride and body of both sides and frankly speaking, we were fighting against the 2/3rds of world by going against British. Now, India's population and military were so pitiful and weak that days. Taking all these into consideration Gandhiji proposed non-violent struggle .
    But to be honest, Gandhigiri never worked in real terms. We suffered the most in 1900s, exactly when the non-violent movements started. Which means that the British saw this as an opportunity to exploit and than to appreciate our courage.
    Taxes were sky-high. Newspapers were banned. Extreme racism. Massacres like Jallian wala Bagh. 1900s saw them all.
    Then how exactly did Gandhigiri work?

    You'll see that immediately after India all other colonies claimed independence and Britain yielded with a little or no resistance.
    It simply shows that Britain had crisis in ruling 2/3rd of the world that time. Moreover due to treaties of world war 2 in 1945, Imperialism was abolished. Which meant no more colonies for wealthy countries.

    That is the primary reason why Britain gave up.

    So, even if we proposed and applied Gandhigiri, humans who have lost their humanity long ago, wouldn't think a moment before exploiting and exterminating you.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    @Aditya: "He knew that a war would wound the pride and body of both sides and frankly speaking, we were fighting against the 2/3rds of world by going against British. Now, India's population and military were so pitiful and weak that days. Taking all these into consideration Gandhiji proposed non-violent struggle . "

    It was British India and the British Indian Army. There was no independent India or Indian Army when Gandhiji fought for the Independence of India in a non violent manner, with the entire country following him. How come you say that military was pitiful? There was no military at all. It was not Gandhiji alone, it was the entire country. There were so many eminent people who fought for the freedom of India. Their leader is none other than Gandhiji. In any mass movement, there should be a leader to lead the mass. Without a leader the mass becomes directionless.Independence was not like a cyclone causing instant devastation. It was a long process with so many instances over a long period of time at various times that brought India the independence. Believe me, violence will end up in more violence but not peace. There may be a temporary victory with violent means but it never survives. History proved this time and again.

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    Personally, Gandhism would sound more appropriate to the discussion and Gandhiji. It will not work in the present-day world. Someone said, never underestimate the power and prevalence of human stupidity, this is one of the reasons.

    Just look around you, every peaceful country is being bossed over by its neighbors and distant powerful countries behaving almost like bullies. Similarly, when we look at today's world, an honorable, rational, quiet person with moral sense would be perceived as an easy target and mistaken for a meek pushover.

    Anyone with a big voice box, connections with street thugs to politicians would have forgotten Gandhisim. So, instead of Tit for Tat, if we keep quiet, we would be at the receiving end of multiple Tats.

    Currently, we should be vocal about Tit for Tat or at least start the process, so that the other person (first instigator) stops with the first Tat. Just stand in a queue at the bank, one person squeeze in, if you don't stare or make a noise, other's will keep on pushing us back.

    A neighbor who dumps garbage in front of your gate needs to be sternly told and be warned that the same garbage will be thrown at his gate, then he would change himself, if you are quiet and follow passive means, you will end up having garbage from all houses in front of the gate.

    I'm not telling that Gandhism is wrong but there are many undeserving people who do not have the maturity to understand and be ashamed of their actions.

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    KVRR I erred there. I meant to say armies like the one managed by Subhash Chandra Bose and various little revolutionary groups.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Gandhism (I don't use the word Gandhigiri) is not at all effective in the present world. Even it was not effective in 1947. It was proved during the pre and post-partition riots. When a section of people preached non-violence, another group butchered them in western and eastern parts of undivided India.
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    Gandhiji did something unique even at that time by mobilising a large number of people against the Britishers in a remarkable non- violent manner. It tremendously succeeded at that time.

    Today the situation is different. We have to fight among ourselves to sort out the differences. There is no communication n enemy for us. All the groups and sects are our own brothers.

    Today only thing which will work is strong discipline with severe punishment to those who do not abide by it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Earth is full of violence, Today is no exception...

    More than 2000 years ago law will be like an eye for an eye or tooth for a tooth...

    But there is a man...Many call him The Son of God, he said an eye for an eye will leave all the world Blind.

    He said Love your neighbor as you love yourself, and he also said If anyone slaps you on your left cheek show him your right cheek. That man is Jesus Christ.

    does that make any sense? If Tit for Tat is the answer then why our world sucks like this?

    There are so many punishments in the World but still, Sin is increasing, people are killing people, we are violating all kinds of moral laws. Everyone is writing their own laws.

    Even in our time of many people goes against British, Literally Many.. But we achieved Independence because of Gandhi's Non-Violence.

    Many people think to hit a person who hurts you as courage...they feel that they have Guts... but in reality they are Cowards.
    "It Takes guts not to Hit Back".
    " For God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten Son whoever believes in him will not perish but have an eternal life" John 3:16

    Do yourself a favor... Just believe in him.

    you know what he did while they are killing him on the cross... He prayed for those who are killing him.

    That is Love... only it can change this world... not your anger, not your strength...

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    The formula of Gandhism cannot work in today's time. Gandhiji patiently fought for the freedom of our country and India became independent, because of his great efforts. His weapons of non-violence and peace proved fruitful to remove the British Raj from our country.
    The people of today are highly impatient that they will not be able to maintain a fight with silence. Even if one remains good and calm, that person is being fooled by others and people will consider them an idiot.

    Do what inspires you !!

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