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    Ayurveda - The traditional medicine.

    Allopathy is slowly losing its monopoly in treating the health disorders. The other versions of treatments are also coming into existence slowly. Homeopathy and Ayurveda are getting attracted by the people. The government is also trying to encourage the Ayurveda. This is our traditional medicine and gives a permanent cure for the ailment and there will not be any side effects. But it may a little more time to cure the ailment. This medicine is its origin in our country and there is a mention of this in the videos. Ayurveda is the Veda which gives us health and longevity. These medicines are catching the importance in other countries also and our Indian companies are exporting these medicines. I personally feel that these medicines will give us a permanent relief from various ailments. Other members can share their views on this.
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    I wonder why the author States 'the other versions of treatments are also coming into existence slowly'. In fact, Ayurveda is the system of medicine practised in our country since centuries back. There were highly recognized Ayurveda doctors attached to different kingdoms.

    Most of the Ayurveda literature is in Sanskrit, hence it did not become popular. Only limited persons/families had access to the related literature because of this. 'Ashtanga Hridaya' was the main reference book for this medicinal form. In Kerala there were certain families who were given special status by the rulers of that period. They were generally known as 'Ashta vaidyas'. There were 18 families earlier. They treated all the eight (ashta) parts of the body, unlike the specialists of these days in modern medicine. Now there are around a dozen Ayurveda colleges in Kerala itself, belonging to both Government and Private sector. In my younger days most.of the people used to consult Ayurveda practitioners, in the beginning. Only if there were any complications they visited the Modern medicine man.

    Now the Homeopathy system is also very popular here. Several homoeopathy colleges and practising doctors are present, in both Government and Private sectors.


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    As Sri Sankaran said, Ayurveda is one of the earliest, systematic native medical system practised in our country. Allopathy (or the apothecaries) came long.long,long later.

    Allopathy thrives on the 'contra' mechanism. For example quell the fever heat by applying cold press. It is mostly its symptomatic relief that attracts people to it. However Ayurveda attacks the cause of an issue and remedies by acting on the cause.In Ayurveda the causes are all internal on the human body and not any external agent . Ayurveda treats by balancing the distorted equilibrium of the three basic causes for maintenance of our health.

    The main problem now we face in relation to Ayurveda is tat due to fast depleting forest and vegetation , many Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and plants are either getting extincted or are rare to find.
    In Ayurveda food itself s the basic medicine. Hence there are no harmful side effects.

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    I might have used the word Popular instead of Existence. Actually what I mean is. In addition to Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic are also getting popular. I stand corrected.
    always confident

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    Allopathy never had a monopoly in India, even now, it alone cannot cater to the huge population we have. It is becoming more and more expensive, leading to some turning their attention to other forms of treatment. Many have belief in Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.

    The principle is different and it would be a basic but gross error of analysis if one were to compare all these for a particular disease. There are many confounding factors that affect a disease and the chance of permanent relief is an open question to many diseases.

    As it involves humans, like in any sector, there are a few unscrupulous practitioners in all branches of medicine who bring a bad reputation to the system by making tall claims of 100% cure, Lifelong guarantee, give adulterated medicines etc.

    The simple example is the Piles and fistula clinics, no system of medicine can honestly assure a patient that it will not a comeback, yet some people do it and patients get misled and lose faith in a particular type of system.

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