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    Don't worry after completing the task.

    In our lives, we are all facing many problems wherein we have to act smartly. In those situations, we all will think and plan the task and start implementing. While implementing we may have to do some minor changes in our plan. As required we may be doing that go forward. Even after doing the task to our level best and with a correct planning also sometimes the result may not be as expected. If you go on thinking about the completed task and worrying about the same will be of no use. You can't go back into the past and you can change. So worrying about that is of no use. Learn a point from the failure and use the learned experience in future acts so that we will not commit similar mistakes again. Do you agree with me, Members?
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    We all learn from our failures so we should take failure also as a lesson and try to analyze where we went wrong so that we do not commit the same mistake again. There is no point in worrying about our failure and thinking about it. That will lead us to nowhere. We just have to learn our mistakes from the past, correct them and move forward so that we don't repeat the same mistake.

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    When the task was completed with total presence of mind and in complete adherence of rules, nothing would go wrong , but the problem comes when some errors occurred even when utmost care has been taken the the task went wrong and whole efforts goes in vain. Sometimes with outsiders interference the task would have gone other way and thus the errors, or some times the task was left in half and then resumed and that might have started in wrong method and thus the error. That is why when the responsibility is given to us , we must fulfil with great integrity, dedication and honest and wont interfere in other works so that the present task does not suffer from want of our attention. One thing is sure if the appreciation and pat comes from our task completed, that is the best reward and indication that we are in the right path.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I would agree, this is what I learned from my father, he never insisted on good marks. He always says, put in your effort, leave the results to God. I follow the same with my children and in my life.

    Also, we should prepare ourselves and our children that logically every task has more than one outcome. If we succeed, we should be happy, if not we have to look for factors that can be improved for a better result next time.

    When faced with an assignment/project/exam, we have to give our best, seek to advise, get resources and then do the job. We should not get disheartened with a negative result unless we have not put in our efforts.

    There are so many things that are beyond our control or being manipulated behind the scenes by people that a task is longer a simple task. In some competitive exams/jobs, power and money play a big role, here despite doing everything correctly, the post goes to a less rewarding candidate.

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    Going on for a war & not deciding on the strategy will lead you to your defeat with unbearable cost which again will be irreversible.

    Each day & for different activities we are deciding on our targets as well as on completion of jobs. Say for example wake up time in the morning to preparing for office continuing with safe driving & pick-up the processing of jobs as per the priority assigned to it & then come back to home & plan for the next day which will vary on a day-to-day basis.

    Needless to say that we all are addicted to these kind of life style with the unexpected events to be adjusted within this. During this whole we all try to be efficient & adjusting so that the same can be carried out on smooth way.

    So, worrying is something that makes everything in its place. But to include that excess of anything will be too worse in order to carry out our motives. So stop worrying.

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    Agree with you Rao sir, there is no point worrying after the task is finished or an important email is sent.
    In our work culture, the work criteria mainly depend upon the mail sending. Once the work is finished, we have to send an email to the user. Sometimes, we have to nicely explain them some useful things without getting angry. So, that also becomes a technique to draft out that email in a smarter way so that the other person understands our concern and does not get hurt also.
    So, we really need to be cautious at times. But, yes, once it is done, leave it aside. No need to take more pain being worried about it. Let the music play.

    Do what inspires you !!

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