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Have you every felt very lonely? Share your tips on how you dealt with loneliness & learn from others, too, how to overcome it.
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    How to tackle loneliness?

    Humans by nature are gregarious. It is an inherited trait. We like to mix with our friends, enjoy picnics with them, like outings with our family and many such activities where we require company to enjoy these fun filled times.

    Due to the various factors, sometimes we are left alone in new environments, in new places. We do not know anyone there. We feel lonely and to some extent sad and missing our fellows back at home. The time appears to be moving slower and slower and we do not know what to do and how to tackle the loneliness.

    Can you suggest some ways?
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    There are various ways to tackle loneliness. As an introvert, I have made friendship with loneliness. I am quite adjusted to it. But for others, the loneliness can be tackled by setting new targets. At the time of going to bed, the lonely person should set a target for the next day. Such person must read books, give tuitions, visit libraries, do social services, do community services, but after setting routines. In these ways, boredom vanishes.
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    If a person is left alone in a new environment and doesn't know anyone then the best way is to make some friends. To overcome loneliness, a person can indulge in his hobbies, he can read some books, he can go out for a walk. And if he goes out for a walk for few days, definitely he will get to know few people.

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    To tackle loneliness, as far as possible never be alone. One should be in the company of other human beings, or domestic pet animals or at least books. Nowadays the social media, TV channels, movies all help us to forget loneliness.
    The uniqueness I felt about Mumbai( for others it ma be some other city) is that we can be alone in a crowd. We can be as private as we feel , but never feeling lonely. In some occasions when I felt bored or mildly sad and depressed, I used to go to the nearest local railways station and watch the alighting and boarding crowd. Within a few minutes, I used to feel refreshed an charged.
    Keeping music loud, reading a book aloud,getting involved in more than one thing at a time etc can also help forget our loneliness in some unavoidable lonely situations.

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    There are many ways to tackle loneliness. You can read a book. You can hear Radio. You can read the newspaper. You can open your Laptop and log in to ISC. You can on your TV and watch a sports channel or a music channel. These all activities can keep you away from loneliness. You can try your hand at wordament an English vocabulary enhancing online game or solitaire a one player playing card's game. All these will make you forget your loneliness. I do this many times. After lunch, all my family members will go for a nap. I will be alone and I have no habit of sleeping during afternoon Hence I will be alone in the house. No TV. No Cards. SO what I do you try wordament or solitaire I will try. I will try to spend some time on ISC on Facebook or Linkedin. Twitter is also a place where you can try to spend some time.
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    This post is related to me also. During my school time, I was not having good, true or the best friend, so I use to feel lonely and I started sitting alone and enjoyed it in different ways. I use to read books now in college got a true friend but still, when I am alone I use the internet and learn new things. But when we are alone at a new place we can try to interact with others. You can read books, newspaper, watch tv, play various games.

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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    For a person a day seems to be shorter and want more time in a day and not just 24 hours. That means he is keeping himself busy and thus his mind gets performing. The other day the governor Narasimhan has praised Chandrababu Naidu for having working 25 hours in a day. That was a amazing observation from the governor. It clearly states that for the performer time is always less. And how come lineliness can take over a person these days when we have gadgets, televison, games, cinema and other things at our disposal and there cannot be room for boredom in life at all. So loneliness wont be possible.
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    Loneliness can be temporary or longterm. One should read biographies of prisoners & solitary confinement. They would do anything to kill loneliness, some would form unique friendships with a person whom they cannot see, imaginary friends, prison guards etc.

    Like many things in life, we are not prepared for loneliness. The easiest way is to keep our minds occupied. When I travel alone to new places, What I do is to space out the day's work, have a coffee break, a long lunch, walk around the place, do some window shopping so that I don't return to the room soon. Even if I do, I sit in the lounge for some time. I carry some family videos and pictures that I can browse through.

    If it's for a longer time, then we need to organize ourselves to reduce the time alone as much as we can. Morning trips to buy milk and paper, a visit to the temple, a visit to buy groceries (small amounts enough for a couple of days), cleaning and clearing our house clutter. We need to make friends with neighbors or walking mates at the park or join simple groups (reading, tea, library, laughing clubs).

    Renewing interest in a hobby, reading books, a creative class, helping others with our skills (teacher, bank officer), developing online friends and joining an educational site like ISC would be some options.

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    Loneliness is a subjective feeling. We may be surrounded by a mob, people friends, family, workmates — yet still feel emotionally or socially disconnected from those around you. This is quiet natural sometimes or you can often feel so.

    This could lead to a serious problem with effect to your mind & body including cardiovascular disease & as per the data available which is shockingly, the long-term risk chronic loneliness poses to our health and longevity is so severe, it actually increases risk of an early death by 26%.

    Continuing with the above, in this High Tech world, we are surrounded by devices like the Mobile, Laptop & Internet that this won't let us feel loneliness. Adding, we are in highly professional environment & need to learn making friends fast & this could also help reducing longlines. Other ways is to keep busy ourselves so that we don't feel so. If we are tired enough then we can sleep peacefully. So keep doing the hard work & make your tiresome also could be the way.

    Anyhow you have to be positive in your life with an action of solving the problems & simultaneously not giving spaces to them.

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    At this time where we have everything on our hand, such question really make me wonder. The person who has ask this either don't know about anything new happening in this world or he/she is trying to be innocent.

    Coming to the topic, once upon a time, we had nothing to kill our loneliness apart from reading books or spending time with friends. But, Now we have our biggest friend in hand, our Mobile phone. What not you can do with it? You have various apps, games, to kill the time. You have social media, where you can communicate with even your lost friend, almost everyone is available in net.

    Even then one feel loneliness he/she can join any activities classes like to learn to play any musical instruments, singing courses, yoga classes, Gim. Now we have not one or two option but various in front of us.

    Finally, my own suggestion is people should learn to live with loneliness, when you are alone, you can move your mind into positivity thinking rather than sitting and crying for any friend. You are one of the best friend of yourself which no one can do for you.

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    The best way to overcome loneliness is to stay connected to ISC. Keep writing more. Some other options these days we have is the social media, watsapp chats with your closed ones.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Loneliness is something which sucks the happiness out of human beings. People tend to feel gloomy and yearn for company as they do not like to stay alone. To tackle these, one must start loving ourselves and indulge oneself in activities which makes them happy. These can be long lost hobbies like reading books or painting which we used to do at a younger age or can be weaving (depends on people on what their passion is). We need to just look at everything in a positive point of view and enjoy every moment of our life with or without people and make the most of it.

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