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    Are there any competitors to ISC?

    In any industry, service sector or business, competitors play a role in the success and progress of the company or stagnation and slow erosion. In a similar way, online platforms, websites and blogs compete for attention and their growth.

    The growth of informative and educative sites like ISC would mean more membership, more revenue, stability and progress.

    Apart from inherent content and quality, it also depends on the presence of competitors, how they attract members and visitors.

    Knowledge about competition has a positive impact on our own well being. In this respect does ISC have any competitor/s on par with us? If so, what is their USP or focus?
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    I am not sure about ISC having 'competitors' in the sense of a conscious competition. But just as there are many businessmen doing same business or mostly similar business in any place, I guess there are many other web sites whose area is also like ISC- mainly education and job related.
    During my initial days of exploration, I have come across a few similar sites whose names were thrown up by some web site ranking portal like Alexa.
    I have also personally come across some sites which are somewhat better oriented and more specifically optimised in relation to job searches and educational searches. As I do not have occasion to search for such matters more, I am not able to recall the names now.
    All said and done , even though ISC is not a purely professionally managed business and still runs with a lot of amateurs and novices,ISC has maintains its own place and holds relatively high among its peers.

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    There are competitors to ISC and I wont mention their name here. But what brings more name and fame to this site is the fact that it is very transparent and everything done with open system and no hidden agenda. Other sites are not member friendly and the powers given to them to write is also curtailed. Our editorial team is good, our think tank is more vigil and above all the members of this site have vast knowledge in every field and thus the site get going without any problem. In other sites there are days when the forum gone blank without any visits from the members and that shows we are vibrant than others.
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    Yes, there are some other competitors of ISC, but I should not name these websites. But competition is definitely necessary for improvement of the standard. Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to the Members of all these websites to shift from one site to another, if they are not satisfied with their own websites.
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    ISC takes fraction of traffic of total traffic which Google actually have for keywords. Lets suppose ISC ranking 50,000 keywords on various places on Google. ISC gets traffic on the basis of ranking, title of page etc. So, lot of competition in search industry.
    Google is $80 billion company and it distributes certain amount of money like 67% to adsense, youtube etc. So, This is how many internet based running. Every site has reach on the basis of content, it generates on the basis of keywords etc.

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    I have seen one or two similar sites but I have not concentrated much there as I don't have that much time. It is good that if there is a competition you can have more chance to better yourself. The skill and greatness come out only when there is a competition. Another accept is members will have a choice if not this site another site.
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