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    Over dependence on technology can sometimes cause inconvenience

    Should we be overdependent on technology? Do you think technology is really helpful always?

    Mr X along with his wife was on an outing to another city and was travelling on a city bus. Being a technology enthusiast he was addicted to using technology in daily life. Being unknown to the city Mr X took out his smartphone and started tracking his location with help of GPS and Google maps to see whether his bus stop had arrived. Mr X considered it below his dignity to inquire about bus stop to get down from bus conductor or fellow passengers. Even while driving, he loathed asking the route from passerby. As per him, his smartphone with GPS and Google maps could lead him anywhere and it was foolish to call for human help when he had technology in hand.

    Mr X proudly looked at his smartphone while tracking his location. At the same time, his wife who knew this habit of Mr X asked him, "Should I ask from passengers as to when our stop will come?".
    "Why do you bother when I have location technology with me? Do you think I ever need to ask people?". His wife was getting restless now as it was taking more time than expected to reach the stop. But Mr X was unaffected and kept on looking at Google maps. Soon he said that stop had arrived and they need to get down.

    Mr X and his wife finally got down at the bus stop and started looking for the spot they wanted to go. To their surprise, they could not locate it in spite of it being shown on Mr X's Google maps. For the first time, Mr X was bit confused. His wife then asked a passerby as to which bus stop it was? Reply she got was "Madam this is wrong stop. You already left your bus stop 3 kms behind." Now on checking his smartphone, Mr X realised that Google maps was not able to get exact GPS fix inside the bus and hence showed approximate location.

    Now, why have I named the character as Mr X? This is because X is an unknown variable in Algebra and its value can be anything. So here Mr X can be any one of us. It could be me, you or for that matter anyone else who is obsessed with technology and tends to overuse it.

    It is good to use and depend on latest technologies when really needed but it is important to remember that sometimes technologies can malfunction and have limitations. So it is best to use common sense and easiest way available rather than complicating the things by showing over-dependence on technology. Here Mr X could have easily enquired for the bus stop from fellow passengers or the bus conductor.
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    The author has rightly pointed out that over dependent on technology would fool us many times. The other day we booked a cab from Manikonda to our house at Sainkpuri and I know three routes to reach our destination. But the driver was completely following the Google maps which is showing the main roads to reach and not the sub roads or other alternative to reach our house. I was annoyed by the way of behaving by driver who insists that he shall follow the Google map and not my suggestion to take short cut routes which are traffic jam free. This is the classic case example of too much dependent on new technology and ignoring the known advise.
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    This is so true Mr. Jignesh, very recently we faced this issue. We had to reach a location which was new for us. The Google map showed us that it would take 50 min, assuming the traffic and we left two and half hour early (I am glad we left early, it saved us from being embarrassed by being late), the google map showed us the longest route and we kept circling in a loop and got frustrated as it was sunny as well and we were getting nowhere, not a soul in sight to ask for direction, it was already two hours since we left home.

    Finally, we met an autorickshaw driver, who directed us for a while then we asked direction from bus drivers who standing in front of tea stall to have a cup of tea and finally we reached our destination just in time. We felt so relieved after reaching there and understood that google map is not reliable completely. It does give you an approximate direction but not always. There were times when we reached the location accurately without having to ask anyone but there were times when we had to people around us for directions.

    Your post reminded me of this incident. We are yet to completely be dependent on the technology. But I realized one thing that day that technology and interacting with other people goes hand in hand. It can bring out the best when we interact with both.

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    One should never depend much on the gadgets developed with electronic technologies. The gadget may develop a snag and it may not function properly. Overdependence causes worries. We should always be prepared to face if any such thing happens. Recently there was a news item which mentioned that a person using his GPS gadget blindly ended up in a lake. The gadgets help us a lot in getting a lot of things done easily and are quite useful. Ther is nothing wrong with using them but we should be prepared for a situation when it fails.
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    Using technology is not a bad idea. But sometimes we will not use it correctly and we will get guided wrongly. So the important factor is the working of the instrument we have.If the instrument we are using not good and if there is a problem with the equipment we will be misguided. So we should be careful in selecting the device we are going to use for our mission.
    Over-dependence on technology for small issues also is not advisable. When we go to a new place google maps may direct you but it is also advisable to inquire somebody who is familiar with the area will give some additional confidence for the information you understood from the technical device. A combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence is always better.

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    Technology has also its limitations, we should understand. Moreover when we have got habituated to technology or any facility, it will be difficult to carry on without it. Most housewives experience this. They feel handicapped when the power goes out in the morning, when the mixy/grinder stops halfway; the washing machine has some problems etc etc.
    The optimum solution is not to ignore manual tasks and manual human interactions even when adapting new technologies. All said and done, human mind can still improvise better;after all it is human brain that invents newer technology.
    The best is a proper blend of human aids and technology. I have sen it in an eye-clinic. First he used the machine to check for the power and then he used the traditional reading method to arrive at the practical solution.v

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    Great thread by the author, I think, it is a fictional story, Yes we need to have the technology but the mind of the user should have the maturity and common sense. In Modern healthcare, there is a wise saying ' Treat the patient and not the X-ray'. Sometimes we get so hooked on to technology that we forget that technology is not fool proof and ignore the basic rules.

    A few years ago, there were many such 'sat nav disasters' in England that would appear daily in the newspapers. You can google at check the hilarious images, it would be so funny, an 18 wheel large delivery truck would be stuck in a ridiculously small road that we would be scared to drive our cars in. It would be because of driver's reliance on satellite navigation without using his own common sense.

    Technology is here to help us as long as we know about the short-comings in the real world.

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    Our dependency should be on first hand information that we got from our friends then coming to local transport available & the technology should be our last option.

    Adding that we are the most facilitated generation ever lived on this planet. We can favor this statement as we have the most high tech instruments along with most of the information now readily available with the help of mobile, laptop etc. If we are missing somewhere then Google Map can help find the location where we are required to go. But the same is only possible in the case that this got registered with the software. Often I have used this technology with greater accuracy. But I am not dependent completely on those & using others sources as well.

    Now take an instance that in this case the Google Map is not updated or a software malfunction then we could be in wrong place. Or suppose the mobile battery goes down suddenly then we lost all contact till the mobile again switched on.

    Should we be thinking on alternative arrangements then ?

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