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    Does being overly opinionated sound to be bullying?

    We all will have our own opinions on certain things. Sometimes we will strongly put our opinions forward and sometimes we just agree with what the other person says. But there are few people who have opinions on everything which will always be against what the other person's opinion is. Such overly opinionated people will not agree with what others say and they keep arguing their point. I feel that such persons are bullying because a person having an opinion will only put forth his thoughts as he thinks right but will not argue.
    Do you feel having an opinion on everything and arguing on the same as bullying or do you feel that there is nothing wrong with having an opinion on everything and insisting on the same?
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    There is nothing wrong to convince a point in detail. That means giving a opinion to the understanding level of the person is must. But we should not stretch our opinion to a discourse or sermons. In Marketing field we find this happening to every one. The marketing person tries to convince on a product or the service he is offering for sale. If the customer seems to be asking for more details or shows interest, he goes on giving more details which may be false to. If a person tells more about a product, that is the indicator of the products weakness and demerits. So is the case of opinions too.
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    No, bullying is different. We should and must have our own opinion. It is absolutely natural because people judge issues from different perspectives. But when we try to force our opinion on others by adopting various unfair means, that is bullying.

    Let us suppose an Editor of ISC deletes or awards negative points to a response/thread which does not support his/her own views, and awards with cash credit to such responses/views, which supports his/her own view on that particular issue. This action can be termed as bullying.

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    Why bring the editors into this thread as an example? Are editors bullies just because they give negative points? Do you know the meaning of a bully? I am extremely hurt & upset at the label you have given to the editing team. It is a very mean thing to say.

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    It is not correct to bullying our idea on others. We should convince others by having a good explanation which gives a logical reasoning for our view. Why our opinion is correct and how it differs from other's opinion and the reason for the difference if we can put forward and make the others to agree with our viewpoint is always a better option. In many Organisations, especially in private sector Organisations, the Boss will always try to bulldoze their views on the staff. If anybody differs and try to explain his viewpoint, the boss will get annoyed. So the subordinates will keep silent and never argue with them. But in some organisations, there will be a very good atmosphere to share the views and discuss. In such organisations, democratic set up will be there and more logical decisions will be taken.
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    According to me, everybody in this world is either a bully or a victim of bullying. Lack of respect for others is the key component of bullying. Internet forum bullying means some groups are ganging up against some people, using all sorts of tactics to shut them up to conform to their opinions. If they are ganging up they are on power and thinking that they can control other members. If people are not coming to their line, they start intimidating, ridiculing and use all sorts of tricks they can think off and sometimes they try and find some evidence against members.
    The first thing we have to realize is that they are not dangerous as they seem. Their game has detrimental effect on their own minds and end up being no real threat to anyone.

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    #625341: Bullying can be of different types. Physical bullying is not the only one. I gave an example of online bullying.
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    It would sound so. For me, I have no issue with people having their own opinion and being assertive about it to a point. But I get annoyed when they move to the next step of trying to impose their opinions and view on me. I have friends who are gifted to quickly find the pros and cons of an issue, they would state it and not insist that they are correct always. This maintains the harmony of the group and allows others to express themselves freely.

    It is often seen in discussions related to love, religion, socialism, reservation etc wherein people who have their own bias and strong feelings that drives them to be more assertive and take an imposing stance.

    Few people do it purposefully, jumping at every chance especially if a junior or a colleague has just ventured into take a loan, buying a gadget, booking a flat or getting married with an age difference etc. We just need to ignore such people instead of dragging along the conservation and turning it into an argument.

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    There is nothing wrong of having our own opinion as long as it do not hurt anyone physically. See, there are not one or two people lives in this world, so it is obvious that we will have different opinion for one subject. The problem comes when someone quote - "I am such and such kind of behaviour having and try to force others to behave like him/her." Or when one try to force his/her opinion as if they are only correct. This should not be done and if it is done, this is actually called bullying.

    Why not let respect of what other feel in a way. And, If one is having wrong opinion, we have other way to say it instead of forcing it like a Boss. People have different experiences in their life, the kind of treatment they get from a group or a person, he/she think or behave accordingly.

    Personally, I have no problem of other's opinion but he/she must not force it to others or try to advise them to become like him/her.

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    Nope, having an opinion about everything is good as long as you respect other's opinions.
    Convincing people is good but controlling is not. You've put your point, wait for the reply, It your opinion was appreciated continue further, else move away from the conversation.

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