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    A good teacher must bring performance through passion and not by pressure tactics

    In a class room of 40 students, a teacher cannot expect inclusive attention of every child to her teachings and thus she must be watching who is listening actively, who is listening with half attention and who is totally discarding the teaching. She must teach in such a way that the topic must be taught in most understandable way and the students should feel to perform with passion to know and remember and then answer. Never ever a teacher should resort to pressure tactic to impose on the students who are dull and non responsive.
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    True. A good teacher will go to the level of the students and explain the lesson in such a way that the students will understand the lesson well. Some teachers just teach the way he likes and the rest will be left to the student. In such case, many students may understand or may not understand. That implies that the teacher is not doing a good job. He/ she should see that a below average student will also understand the teaching and appreciates the lesson and the subject. In such case, the teacher can be termed as an excellent teacher. But these days much importance is not given to teaching and understanding. Mugging up the subject is the only way all these corporate colleges teach the students. The teacher's duty is to see that all the students will get about 80% marks in all internal examinations. This is the present day unfortunate situation in our educational institutions.
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    When I look back I always feel our school going days where like a herd of sheep and it's herder. We, students, initially were like sheep in the grasslands, just follow the orders of the teacher(herder). There would be some errant students who would fall in line with a shout or a long cane but life was relatively easy for both.

    Gone are those days, now students are more difficult to handle, it's like herding the sheep on a busy city road. The teacher has to keep on eye on many things, performance, behavior, bullying, fighting and at times infatuation, using of gadgets in class and sadly violence that some students exhibit at a young age. On top of this is the deadlines and expectations from parents and management.

    Yes, a teacher needs all, patience, passion, additional support (classroom assistant), innovative thinking, sublime pressure and tactics of discipline to get the students to perform.

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    Teaching in a class containing more than forty students, there are difficulties, especially if it is a school level class. That is the reason why the Government insist for more divisions for such classes. I think 30 is the limit assigned strength for a division. However, a maximum of 45 students will be allowed.
    A teacher, with experience, will have the capacity to control students and introduce the subject in such a manner so as to reach every student irrespective of their capabilities. This definitely depends on the capability of the teacher. Having taught for more than 35 years, I feel that a teacher can change the approach based on the standards of students.

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    A teacher may be very good in his knowledge and style of teaching but the dull students are a big problem for him. He can repeat his explanations and even explain slowly but nothing works.

    It is really a great challenge for a teacher to bring the dull students even to the average understanding of the subject.

    To some extent the problem can be managed by taking extra tutorial classes for them but it becomes extra strain on the teacher concerned.

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    Really, very correct. A teacher should teach in an easy way, in a pleasant way that the students enjoy learning.
    There are many such teachers in fact who teach in such a way. In our school also, we had our English teacher, she used to teach us literature. The way of teaching she had was lovely.
    She used to explain us every little word, with brief explanations by taking live examples. During our graduation also I remember, we had a teacher of a management subject named "Entrepreneurship development process". We were always bored with this subject. Our teacher had a nice way of teaching us, he used to talk about real life scenarios on any particular topic which was there in the book and used to discuss in that way. Discussing the opinion of almost everyone in the class. This way we enjoyed studying his class, rather than bunking. So, it really matters.

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