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    Do you like NDTV news channel?

    I personally like NDTV news channel. Actually NDTV is most neutral channel. Which is trying to raise most genuine problems of our country. People who are support BJP, thinks NDTV is taking all issues against BJP and it supports Congress. But fact is NDTV comes with issues of India, difficulties, problems etc. NDTV anchors silent, don't shout on channel like other channels for TRP etc. NDTV try to bring people of news show, who are sometimes best in the industry and can give real genuine comments on subject. So, that debate should not go one sided.
    I also wanted to say about CBI raid on NDTV. Lot of Generalist thinks it was attack on Genuine media.
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    The NDTV news channel is the best among all the English news channels. The rest of the channels are not neutral and always biased in their news reports and the debates they conduct. This channel earned the wrath of the Government and IT raids were conducted. The case is not investigated even at the request of the management of the NDTV and kept pending. This is because it did not tow the line of others. I always watch this channel for reliable news. As expressed by the author, the anchors do not allow shouting of the discussion panel, unlike other channels. Mr. Sambit Patra once became restive in a discussion trying to defend the indefensible and shouted aspirations against the channel. I recommend this channel to everyone who wants a reliable and unbiased news.
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    Yes, I do, preferably the only news channel that I like is NDTV news channel. It is one news channel which gives honest views without any bias and there is no screaming or shouting. Very sensible people participate in the debate. One more notable fact is that the programs and the interviews aired on this news channel are so informative, educative and inspiring.

    I was once a vivid news watcher of Times Now but not now due to their biased reporting, debating and overhyping of issues. I doubt the credibility of their news (my personal view). It is always one-sided without revealing the other side of the news.

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    I see many news channels but I devote sometime for NDTV as well. Most of the time i watch hindi news channels. Well I wanted to give one example of Rumors and unnecessary reporting Like During demonetization some news channel was reporting that 2000 rs contains gps chip which can be detected upto 50 meters inside the earth etc. So, NDTV not aired such news which don't have any credibility.

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    Generally, I don't watch any news channel in other languages except my mother tongue that is Telugu. In Telugu also there are many news channels. Many channels will have the affiliation of one or the other party. But Etv is the channel which gives a very unbiased report on the various political issue and will not air rumours. So I prefer watching this channel. They have separate channels for Andhra News and Telangana News. They never try to air untrustworthy reports or news. Their news reporting also very systematic and I like the channel much.
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    Now, we are discussing NDTV and its famous impartiality! I can write tens of pages on this issue but as I am going to take an afternoon nap, I am only mentioning a recent happening to understand the ''impartiality'' of NDTV.

    (a) NDTV reported the gruesome murder of Ankit Saxena (yesterday) in the following manner: ''Photographer, 23, Killed By Girlfriend's Family On Delhi Road, Says Police."

    (b) A previous headline of NDTV: ''Muslim Man Killed in Jharkhand Allegedly Over 'Affair' With Hindu Girl.''

    And in ISC, Members are praising the impartial reporting of NDTV!

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    I do not like NDTV as the reporting is one sided and noting into consideration the reactions of other side. Even in news analysis the items are selective and we wont get national and International top news that were happening. i really like Times Now for their best reporting , accurate and asking such questions to the persons in power as if we wanted to pose those questions. Such is the depth of the news anchors who knows the pulse of the people and their expectations. Even during poll results, the Times Now was having accuracy and others were lagging behind and thus Times now faster in giving factual news.
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    I like NDTV news channel for its bold coverage and reality check of the claims of the government. In present time, I found that when other news channels were busy in showing Karni Sena agitation, NDTV was showing report on the Chinese military buildup in Doclam. Especially, when some channels were showing how the present government is giving jobs to the youth, NDTV was showing a series of cheating by different state recruitment agencies. Channel shows data with the mention of the source of that data but this is not so with other channels.

    Whether, the channel is independent or biased depends on the individual's perception. The ruling party does not like the channel especially the Hindi NDTV because of its reporting is being seen in the Hindi main land which is the voters' land of the party. Hindi channels was to be banned by the government for one day on the charge of showing reports of sensitive areas during Pathankot terrorist attack. Its a different thing that the same government allowed ISI of Pakistan to inspect the strategic base. The ban is on hold since the ban was opposed by all journalists. The results of CBI raids on NDTV has not come out. Anyway, there is something of disliking between the government and NDTV channel.

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    I used to watch Times Now when Arnab Goswami. I liked the way the Vaypam scam was covered in the news hour debate and a few others. Later on it became more like a shouting match. Now I like NDTV also, it has an appeal to people who want a debate or reliable versions of the news.
    People who grew up with the regular dose of 'The World this week' would be fans of NDTV for the seasoned anchors who had a could command over English and gave relevant details. I like the presentation of the parts of investigative journalism as it is not 15 minutes of talk based on just one clip or piece of information.

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