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    What was the most happiest moment in your life?

    A few days back in a gathering my Father was asked this question, "What was the happiest moment in your life?"

    His answer touched my heart and will forever remain treasured in my heart. His reply was that when he held me for the first time after I was born. I felt so overwhelmed and so happy because I had my younger brother beside me. It felt so special that even after so many years of many happy moments came in his life after that and yet he considered that moment as his happiest moment.

    I have no words to explain how that feels and means to me.

    I am sure that even you would be having such moments. For me, this is the best words that I could ever hear.
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    Really a very nice thread by the author. In my case, the happiest movement was the birth of my first son Aliasgar. I was very happy and can't express my joy which I felt that time. I was so excited that I couldn't prevent myself to enter the operation theatre. Son or daughter was not an issue for me but I became the father first time and it was a great movement for me.
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    Good thread. In my life, there are many instances which I feel as the happiest moments and I remember all of them. But the best one is the moment I received my PhD degree original certificate from the then Governor of United Andhra Pradesh in the year 1982. Just one week before the convocation my viva voce for my PhD award was conducted and the next day was the result announced. I had been to Tirupathi for darshan and came back just one day before the convocation. I was not sure whether my certificate will be ready or not. I straight away have gone to the Registrar's office and in the Controller of Examination's office my invitation is ready and told me that my certificate was ready. The next day in the convocation my certificate was awarded. My parents were also called for the convocation. In the same convocation, my uncle was warded Kalaprapurna for his excellent work in Telugu literature.
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    My happiest moments in life are many. Firstly I completed my B com and M com from Delhi University all with my own earning and studies without tuition. I performed the marriages of my elder sisters with my own money. I performed my own marriage with my own money and the best moment was having the first male child and the second best moment was having the girl child. And now the greatest moments were my son excelling in education as budding chemical engineer and my daughter as budding MBBS doctor. For the family like us dreaming such achievements are rare and all are great moments.
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    A emotional thread that would have similar moments in many ofour lives. I've seen many fathers' who are proud and love their children but remain quiet in functions without expressing themeselves. But deep within, they do love their children as much as the mothers.

    For me, with God's blessings, I've had a handful of such moments. Among them apart from family moments, one event that would stand out is being awarded a fellowship abroad at my first attempt by the college president and the academic heads. It is not just because I qualified but because it was the result of all the efforts of my family members for supporting me (they could not join me in person for financial reasons) but they were all there at the airport around with happy faces that moved my heart.

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