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    Do you always want more in life? Why?

    We, humans, are wired in a way that we always want more in Life. Right from a child, wanting more toys, more chocolates, to parents wanting more marks from kids. Once we grow up, we want more degrees, more money, more of everything in life.

    On one hand, some feel we need to have the drive so that we perform better. But in the race to have more and more, we do suffer in terms of stress, lack of quality, neglect of family/spouse and at times we do get obsessed with wanting more which sadly results in loss of time spent on Earth. I've seen people suffering in silence with all the luxuries of life but no quality, true family, nothing to talk about expect a list of medicines and a list of wealth.

    I think we should start wanting less and give more to life and people around us.
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    All the roads lead to the same destination. We want to enjoy our life to the maximum possible extent. We want to earn more. We want to deposit more in the bank. We want to keep more ornaments in our lockers. To have all these items more, we have to struggle more. We have to suffer more. In the pursuit of this more needs, we lose our family life a lot. We will extend our work, we will extend our knowledge and finally, at the end of the day, we don't understand what do we do with our earnings and to whom we are near we don't understand. So as advised by the author we all should work out a balance in our life. We should give importance to human relations and personal interaction and don't struggle till the last day till you are on your last days. No one should be greedy. A nice thread by the author which is giving a very good advice to all.
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    It is a natural human tendency to want more. But many come to a state to feel and convinced that "it is enough" at a certain stage.
    Our wants and expectations should be realistic and optimum. Those who can come to a satisfied and contented state of mind can feel more happy. More expectations can lead to disappointment due to deficiency of achievement. Then it leads to unhappiness and tension.

    That is why our traditional advice reinforces to remove the "I" and "want' in our various demands in the style_ "I want (this that etc)".
    Once the late Puttaparthi Sai Baba was asked a question by someone that he/she wanted instant Moksha' The questionwas just to test and tease Baba. But Baba asked the person to write his need in a piece of paper. The person wrote "I want Moksha". Bba asked the perso to strike off "I' and "want'. Then Baba replied, 'There ,you have Moksha". That is abest lesson to all.

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    You came on earth without anything and you have to leave it without taking anything. Earth is drama/dream world for souls to learn things. Best thing is you should be satisfied with you life and devote sufficient time to your family. Money comes and go. 50-50 devote half of time to family and half to your professional career. Suppose you are getting big business deal and your family needs you. So, you should prefer your family, business deals can successful or failed. So, it is better you stick with your family. We don't want to get business deal at the cost of family.

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    Human beings always had the tendency to seek more. At the milk vendor who is serving the milk early in the morning, we seek some extra milk over and above the prescribed litres. Likewise at the vegetable vendor we seek extra curry leaves or the the chillies for free. This free seeking mannerism was inherited from our elders and even the vendors would know about it. Seeking discount, asking for more is the attitude and that is cleanly visible on our daily life, That makes interesting point that we also love to live for long years in this life. No doubt we are confronted with challenges, bad period, emotions , ego and other things, still we like the life to prolong and be with our near and dear ones for more. That is the reason being so we accumulate money, material and also the properties for our children. This is the great intricacy of life which the younger ones must know and appreciate the elders.
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    It is a natural inherited trait in humans which provokes them to yearn for more and more. In those pursuits, some of us even do not enjoy the present. Greed and desires have no end.

    I remember a story by L. Tolstoy in which a person is asked to encircle as much big land piece as he wanted but finish it before sunset by reaching the starting point. The person could not make it and died on the way due to exertion and worries.

    So containing these desires within a comfortable level is also necessary for a peaceful and contented life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    By each and every time war between the desire and greed may always be won by the greed. Desire deals with the basic needed things of life to satisfy but, greed always cannot be satisfied easily it always expects more. Because enough is the word is not present in the dictionary of greed. Here I always trying to follow the words of mind, it always in the safety zone to satisfy desire.

    But greed connects with the heart and always tries to overcome satisfied desire.

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    It is all a question of setting your priorities right. Yes, a child wants more toys and chocolates, but the child does not know any better. As adults we understand life and we understand the consequences of our actions.

    What do all our 'wanting' lead to and why do we keep wanting things?

    According to me, we strive for more, not just for ourselves, but also for those related to us. There is always pressure from the parents, the spouse and the children. There are always demands that need to be met and we keep working on trying to meet those demands.

    Every parent works harder in the hope of a promotion or a pay rise, so the kids can get a better life or buy a bigger car for the family or be able to go on a holiday etc. We do not always go all-out for ourselves. It is not that we forget to build bonds; sometimes the people around us are concerned more about materialistic things that we have to offer and use us for their gain. The bonds are superficial.

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    Human life is a rare birth to an atma,according to spiritual science , and the main motto of this birth is to reach paramatma where from we came to this world. The five hurdles namely kaama, moha, lobha, krodha and ahankarA are preventing human from their goal as mentioned above. Kaama is intending one,moha is rigourous intention, lobha is greedy to possess everything to one self, krodha is a feeling on others when they get them and ahankara is a mentality when we possess our intended. So the unlimited wants in human is born with him/her and they should overcome them with their discriminating power which is also in us.

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    Thanks for the wonderful replies, yes we need more not only for ourselves but to meet the commitments we have; we need to set a realistic limit of what we need.

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    It is human nature to crave for more. The more we look for opportunities, the more we grasp them and the more we learn. In case of everything, from either personal to our professional life, in case of material things. I think we require more, to understand the value of everything that we have in our life or what we have not in our life. When we are thinking of having more of something, as a contradiction, we also think of what actual value we have of it in our lives and then we get to know and realize its importance if that particular thing was not there.
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