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    Don't expect money if you don't work. Or can you ?

    We all need a job. Because we all need money. Surely there's no other reason you'll get paid. But there are several ways where you can earn small money. No I'm not talking about ISC . Because you technically work here. You post or write something for which you get a sum. That's still working.

    I'm talking about apps like Mcent, Taskbucks, play quiz etc .., where you get paid directly to your paytm by the apps for doing absolutely nothing or just answering a survey.
    Earlier today I filled a form for Adidas free shoe pairs. I don't expect to win because only 5000 shoe pairs are there.
    But I got paid up to 10 rs in my paytm for just downloading few apps through Taskbucks today.
    I get to play quiz too, and If I'm lucky I'll get a 50 rs if my answers were all correct.
    I'm on it.
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    These days this type of free sops are in the increasing mode. You get many things free they say. But how it is possible for somebody to give you money for free. It may be initiated to attract some people and once these people got habituated to use this they may start taking money from the users. They are called promotional activities. Never believe in something getting free of charges. The app may create a problem with your phone sometimes I don;t know. Sois is good to earn our money rather than expecting free.
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    This is becoming a very popular business model nowadays where some questions are asked or survey is done for knowing the trend of peoples mind how they are looking up to a product of a company especially a branded one.

    To attract people to do this task they will give some small remuneration here and there so for you it may be an amusement but for the big companies that becomes an information. They are in fact spending these amounts under their advertisement expenditure

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    By throwing pittance, the companies would be expecting big work from those who by ignorantly share some personal information and also by sharing their friends name and phone numbers. Better to desist from such posts which offer free money.
    K Mohan
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    Money is never free. In all cases, there are some stings attached to it. Money is never disbursed freely. Almost always there is some purpose behind it. The youngsters must remember this. For each and every prize-winner in a lottery, more than 50,000 people become losers.
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    Well if you install app for any company, you get certain amount of money. But this is sufficient to live life. Either you need to have a big idea and capacity work or you can add some value to someone. This is how people add value to others.

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    Just to take the title and answer, I may say that those who genuinely cannot work, inspite of their willing, such people are to be cared by society.

    But those who can work, and want to shun working because of laziness or greediness, they should not be encouraged. Unfortunately there is all round encouragement for that only in present days. Governments run lottery. Casinos, Gambling houses are also encouraged. Many TV shows make youngsters think that hard work or long period of education is not necessary at all. They can get money and costly appliances by just answering a few questions about movies or celebrities. This is wrong trend.

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    Taking ourselves to the original source & the subject that arrangements can be made in order for us to earn money without much work or to some extent this could be without doing much.

    Well, I haven't heard or gone through these in my life even & although I had to spent money. We are into business wherein we take care of our transaction so that we can have the maximum benefits. These benefits could result in financial increment or some other good will. But in any scenario we are liable to spend time or money for the sake of those.

    So nothing is for free. we are doing something for which we might not be aware of but the outcome may help the third party to gain in certain fronts & we are given a small share in that. But as I am looking for anything like that then professional are requested to pl. send me the details along for extra income.

    Often the experienced tells us that such Internet related jobs are bogus & we should refrain from these always.

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    The lure of a few bucks made you compromise your data. Did you read the fine print? What did it say? By agreeing to their terms and conditions you allow them entry into your personal space. Unknown to you they might be snooping on your activities through your phone. This is how such survey companies expand their database.

    Have you ever played the zillion quizzes and fun activity apps that pop up on Facebook? Have you noticed that you agree to let the administrator of those apps access to your profile if you choose to play? They get a list of all your friends and probably more some more data. The same must apply to the apps that you downloaded onto your phone.

    Remember, these are people you don't know. So, why would you want to compromise your data, by giving them access, to what is stored on your phone?

    Companies that conduct surveys are 'consultants' and they are hired to do the job and get paid hefty sums of money for the job. They do it to analyse market trends and what the customers want etc. They conduct surveys to identify age groups, economic and social backgrounds, educational qualifications etc., for their clients. They are paying you a pittance for the 'job' - for a job it is.

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    Well, Taskbucks is a well known platform. And security of Paytm too is there because we get an otp everytime one logs in.
    I thought I gave it a try because my friend was doing it. I like participating in quizes and if I get paid for my hobby that would be really interesting. That's my thought .
    And I don't think Taskbucks is messing up with anything other than my email account.

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    It(what you have done) is a tiny task that is part of a sub-lets that in turn is a part of an out-sourced task from a sister concern related to a firm that is part of a giant conglomerate of a corporate company.

    I have heard about 'click farms' or click-monkeys who for a sum of money generate clicks on ads etc. Unfortunately, India and Bangladesh often crop up in articles about these farms. In south India, last week there was a report of a TV show producer paying money to people for doing nothing but change channels frequently as advised.

    Similarly, in these things, you will be a small piece in the big puzzle that you would not be able to visualize. A quiz, an app download, a survey is all part of generating attention, use data for marketing and increasing internet traffic. The money paid to us is minuscule for what the company would be charged.

    On the serious side, sometimes, once we open such websites are participate, we would have given access to our personal stuff and who knows, they would have spied on your identity.

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    Nothing is free in this world. Directly or indirectly you have to pay for something, you get the money in your account. The net world has become something where it is difficult to hide anything personal. So, we must be careful, why and how we get paid by such activity.

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    Frankly speaking, I do not believe in such apps which give money free of cost for doing almost nothing. Everything seems like a scam to me. It is just not right to keep downloading apps to get more money.
    Do what inspires you !!

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