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    Our Poor Old Grandpa!

    On a fine Sunday morning, Grandpa decided to enjoy
    his stroll and do some shopping for a change.

    After a lazy cup of coffee, he got into the supermarket
    that his son and daughter-in-law adored all the time.

    He went to pick up some milk, to his surprise, he saw 10 varieties,
    full strength, skimmed, full fat, fat-free, long-life, fortified etc.
    Without a clue, he called his daughter-in-law who said it was 'semi-skimmed.'

    Next, a loaf of bread, smiling to himself, he uttered how can I go wrong?
    He was stunned - white,brown,wholewheat,multigrain,ragi,masala,methi!!
    He hesitantly called again, she said, father don't worry, we'll get it.

    She said we use the 'fortified 7-grain bread' only!
    Grandpa felt embarrassed but his pride didn't let him accept defeat.

    Moving to cornflakes section, yet again was lost in a sea of names,
    some he couldn't even imagine. He called up his Son, He said, Dad!,
    what are doing there? if you must, get me sugar-free, nut free natural muslei.

    He decided to give one last try, to pick up some oil.
    As expected he got confused, rice barn, extra-virgin oil, refined, cold-pressed,
    hand-pressed, not touched by hand etc.

    He gave up, his pride felt hurt as never before. Upon his return,
    he went to his granddaughter and gave her the chocolate accepting his defeat.
    She had warned poor Grandpa that he would be lost in the mega-supermarket.

    As usual, he turned to Grandma and said. Why has life become so complex?
    Do we need it? Wise old Grandma said it's unnecessary but
    don't mention to son and daughter-in-law, they'll get offended.
    Wishing for his simple corner shop, he went for his afternoon nap.
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    The ordeal of every grand parents who wants to work for the family even at their fag end of life was well described by the author. Actually the elders take pride in attending to banks, post office, current office and above all for fetching groceries and vegetables. But the catch 22 situation being faced in the super market to search for the particular brand and variety to which some times we get confused, and unexpectedly the elders are put into that ordeal. Nevertheless every elder takes that even as the challenge and wont budge from their work nor preferred to sit in the easy chair and rest. I know some elders that the paper boy would visit the home and deliver the papers. But the elders insist that they would go to the shop and bring the paper. What makes them to walk early in the morning in the mist and then complain about uneasy health. This certainly bring annoying effect in the son and his wife.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    These days different varieties of products are available in the market. The consumer will get confused. If the yesteryears persons go there it will be very difficult to know what product is to be purchased and what are the differences between the items. These days if you go to a rice shop, you will get brown rice, semi-brown rice, thick brown rice, semi-polished rice, polished rice and superfine polished rice. In the 1990s, I used to call the shop owner and ask him to send rice he used to send the variety what we eat. But these days it is not possible. These days it is not possible we have to tell them so many specifications. Otherwise, he will not send the material. That is why I avoiding going for the purchase of these items.My sons, daughters in law and my wife go to the shop once in a month and purchase all major items we want. Afterwards, only small items which are required may be purchased in the nearby small shop.
    always confident

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