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    Does the consitution authorise a State's own Flag?

    Can a state have its own flag apart from the National Flag? I've seen a few religious flags but state flag? Is there a provision for states to legalize it?

    I don't know the need and the reasons for it. But, I always felt, the national flag is the single one used for all formal functions of state and center alike. Two different flags should promote a rift or the distance that a state has with the country as a whole.

    Knowledgeable members can please enlighten.
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    Some facts are so trivial which are not required to be mentioned. In a country, there is only one National Flag. There is no concept of any state flag. The Constitution is understandably silent. The dilution was initiated by Nehru in case of Jammu & Kashmir. Now, some short-sighted, parochial political leaders have started exploiting this omission of trivial matters. It is the duty of common people to throw away these short-sighted politicians in the dustbin of history. It is the duty common people to teach these self-serving politicians a proper lesson.
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    It is the expressed fact that all the states in India is part of the Union and that is governed by Constitution and law and there is no second thoughts in it. That means though states may have Independent rulers by virtue of peoples choice through voting process, the rulers has to abide by the broad guidelines of the centre and that is what happening over the years. So Karnataka going for separate flag is something not in sync with the law and the centre has every right to even dismiss that government for not following the law. The governor can send a report to the centre to take action as law and order would be problem in the state in wake of new flag being implemented and the centre may impose President rule too. So state must understand this super power vesting with the centre and behave cautiously in every aspect.
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    In India, the Constitution does not allow any state to have its own flag. The state can have its flag unofficially. The National Flag is the flag of every state. Exception is the state of J&K, J&K can have its flag along with the National Flag under section 370 of the Constitution.

    The flag row started from the state flag of Karnataka. The CM of Karnataka has formed a committee to finalise the state flag. The opposition is saying that such move is anti-national. But, during BJP-led Karnataka government, Karnataka flag was made official by a notification. The government changed its stand after the Karnataka High Court raised questions on the legality of states having their own flag. The circular was taken back.

    The politicians may do anything for the political mileage irrespective of parties. This is becoming a danger to the Unity and Integrity of the country. The voters should thrown these politicians out of power.

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    I raised this thread because I saw a banner ad over the weekend at ISC with 'I Peldge' ad showing a different flag from Karnataka.

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    The National flag is the official flag of all the States. Only J&K was allowed to have its own flag along with National Flag as per the constitution. If a State wants to have a separate flag it should be unofficial only. All states should respect the National Flag. Today a state will say it will have its own flag. Tomorrow it may say it will have its own constitution. Whatever may be the party in rule this kind of moves should not be allowed. ALready BJP once tried to have a separate flag and court made this to stop. Now the issue has been taken out by the present government. This is all to bring unnecessary agitations and unrest in the public. They will get diverted from other topics to this and finally, it will be stopped. All these issues are to bring some political mileage to the parties. This tendency is increasing in all parties and people should not encourage such issues and any attempt by any party to divert the people from main issues should not be encouraged.
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