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    Do you remember non-teaching staff of your school/college/university?

    Whenever we talk about our school, we talk about our teachers and friends. In college and university also, our memory retains the events involving our professors and fellow-students. But, in every academic institution, there is another category. This category is most neglected. This category is known as non-teaching staff.

    I still vividly remember that when we were entering school with our Xth Board result, our old Gate-keeper, Ramswaroop-ji was standing just behind our Headmaster. He was also very anxious about our result. How can I forget Baleshwar who broke the door of an unused room of the school to bring me out? I can't forget Sanatan-babu who did the dissection of toad in my tray at the time of my XIIth Board Biology practical.

    In college, I can never forget Ranjit-da who tweaked my abysmal attendance record to enable me to appear in B.Sc. examination of the university. Anisur Rahman Sir, our Physics Laboratory Attendant, joined my Voltmeter to complete my Physics experiment in my B.Sc. examination. In Chemistry, Naresh-babu, the Chemistry Lab Attendant, patiently taught me to do the salt analysis and titration.

    In university also, I was indebted to Ramesh-da, the University clerk, who helped me in various ways to appear in the M.Sc. (Part-II) examination while working in Railways. Their contribution to my education can't be forgotten.

    All of us are always helped by these unsung non-teaching staff of our educational institutions. But, unfortunately, we tend to forget them completely.
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    Very interesting thread touching subtle human relations of our past. How can we forget those people who always came to our riscue when we were in confusion and indecisive state.

    I remember our lab attendant in Physics department who was expert in fixing the practicals for everyone who needed it. Once during annual fair we wanted to make a scientific working model and with his help our project was completed in time.

    So these non teaching staff are also very important and valuable to the students though we never talk about them later in our life.

    I thank the author for providing an opportunity through this thread to remember them.

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    Yes I always respected the non teaching staff in the school , college and now in the company where the class D employees plays major role for the management. In our school there was a women called Anjamma and she used to ring the bell and visit all the classes with important notice. So as soon as we spot her, we hoot with joy as the holiday notice would bring us the cheer. Likewise the personal assistant of Principal and the college cashier was close to me as I always made a point to wish them daily. That makes our work easy and even they would cooperate with important information. At the office the class D employees would give the right and authentic information on what cooking on inside the management and he knows the real things happening behind the scene and that would give extra news to be alert.
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    I remember many of them. Some I might have forgotten due to less interaction. In our school, we have three non-teaching staff. One is looking after all finance matters. His name was Siva Rao. Another person was looking after other aspects.His name is Veeraju. We have a librarian whose name is Prasada Rao. There was a peon by name Prakasm. He used to ask all the students money for festivals as gifts and we used to give one rupee or two rupees those days. He was going to the HM to get the signatures for attestation of certificates and after signing he was asking for some change. In my college, there were two attendees in the laboratory. Their names were Sanyasi Raju and Subba Rao. They used to give us the lab equipment and other chemicals for our lab practicals. In the office, there was a lady clerk and we don't have much interaction with her. In the University we have a clerk in our department. His name was Premaraj. He was very friendly with us and helping
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    A nostalgic thread with a noble thought, we all tend to remember our teachers but this makes us remember the support staff. It took me some time to differentiate between the good support staff during graduation, but once I knew them they were always helpful.

    Giving us extra material for experiments, give practical tips, checking on the results unofficially, telling us when the professor is very angry all were done by our support staff. Many would not take money even if we offered them.

    I'm sure my friends would fondly remember the attendants who used to get us biscuits and tea (unofficially) while we were waiting in batches for our turn for the viva exams.Some would even be messengers telling us what questions were asked of the previous candidates ( we would be put into a room, students who finished viva would not be allowed back in the room).

    Our sincere thanks to these kind faces behind the scene for making our college lives easier.

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    It is difficult to believe that someone who gives the impression of being upright and honest was not perfect. Your threads are always censorious – judging, questioning and being contemptuous. Generally, some entity is at the receiving end.

    Your present revelations show another side of you. You cheated the system on more than one occasion. Don't tell me that having someone else do your practical exam for the boards is acceptable. It was the use of unfair means and perhaps impersonation too!

    Would you still remember all the non-teaching staff had they not helped you? Each one etched in your memory assisted you in some way. Your life would have perhaps taken another path, had it not been for them.

    I remember the names of the following people –

    1. My nursery school ayah was called Rita. I remember the name because my aunt (maasi) had a live-in help, by the same name
    2. Gabloo Singh rang the school bell
    3. D'souza sir was in charge of the stationery for the classrooms
    4. Mrs Pinto managed the stationery shop in school
    5. Vijay bhaiya was the bus driver of the bus that belonged to the school
    6. The lab assistant in college was called John
    7. The office assistant was called Paul
    8. The office head in college was Mr Xavier
    9. Five bearers served us at meal time. They were – Dugarji, Sapruji, Dharmesh bhaiya, Palli bhaiya, and Chinky bhaiya. We addressed them as bearerji, in the dining room. Dugarji and Sapruji had been there since my mother's time. I was the third generation to go to the same college.

    There were many others whose faces I can visualise, but don't know/remember their names.

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    ''You cheated the system on more than one occasion. Don't tell me that having someone else do your practical exam for the boards is acceptable. It was the use of unfair means and perhaps impersonation too! ''-Impersonation? Who appeared in the practical examinations on my behalf?

    Who did my practical examination? --All these are going above my head.

    I have mentioned only some of them. I remember almost all the non-teaching staff of my school and my department in the college and in the university. I feel proud of myself (for remembering). And who didn't help me in school? Is there anyone? Let me think.

    When did I say I am perfect?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr.Partha, I do not remember the nonteaching staff. They were good and helpful. They were helpful not in the way they helped you.
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    Mr. KVRR: Non-teaching staff are always helpful to all students in various ways. Non-teaching staff also helped many students in various other ways. Ranjit-da, the college clerk, always managed to help many students by extending the last date of payment of fees and without taking late fees. How did he do these, is not known to us. But he was extremely popular among students. These are all fond memories.
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    It depends on how long we have had an association with the school or college, people who move around every couple of years may not notice the supporting staff. For me, Most of them were quite without interfering with us. More than a handful were helpful in a genuine way without expecting anything in return. One a few were into making money for admin favors or informing facts before they had to be released.

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    "Who did my practical examination? --All these are going above my head."

    "I can't forget Sanatan-babu who did the dissection of toad in my tray at the time of my XIIth Board Biology practical."

    Your words, as mentioned in your vivid description. If that is not someone doing your practical examination then what is? Was it customary for lab assistants to do the dissection for a board practical? I would call it impersonation, when someone else does what you were supposed to, especially during a board examination. The marks were awarded to you, right.

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    Oh! I missed this thread during my long absence. What should I say? It seems that very few had to undergo Biology dissection during the examination. I respect Sanatan-baby not because he helped only me, but most of the students. Using scalpel and scissors is not so easy. It requires years of practice.
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    Oh yes, TWO hours is definitely a long period of absence. Yes, two hours, because you responded to another thread in between. The trouble is that you lose track of the chain of thoughts when you are gone for a couple of hours.

    You began by remembering Sanatan for doing the dissection of the toad in your tray, for your XII board practical.

    In #629456 you feign ignorance and question who did your practical examination.

    In #625544 you explain why Sanatan did the dissection.

    Everything in life takes years of practice. Sanatan might have helped the entire batch. However, is that reason to take help (cheat) in order to qualify a State Board Examination? Two wrongs do not make a right.

    You 'respect' Sanatan for what he did! I think the respect is for all the wrong reasons. If I were in your place I would have respected the man had he taken the effort to prepare the students on techniques to apply, when dissecting a creature. I would have respected him had he told the students to buckle up and prepare for the boards and refused to assist them.

    Well, let me tell you what I think he did –

    • In doing the dissections for the students he covered up his laxity of not doing his job, of teaching them how a toad is dissected
    • He taught young minds that they needn't work to get ahead in life
    • He taught impressionable minds to cheat and be dishonest
    • He taught them to break rules
    • He taught them to use all possible means to achieve their target
    • He taught them to sham and find excuses for the wrongs that they do

    Teaching is a noble profession and if those who teach and guide students resort to and encourage cheating, then shame on them. We mock and question what happened in Bihar - remember the cheating videos that went viral a few years ago. This is no different.

    This is my perspective and I know I am right. No rational or forthright person will argue Sanatan's actions to be ethical. No matter how innocent or good his gesture was, it was wrong. Cheating, for whatever reason, cannot be encouraged.

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    Opinion always differs. I will continue respecting him for the dexterity of his hand in dissection. He taught us well, but no student can master dissection in five-six classes. Anyone who has done dissection can tell. Those who didn't will write ideal comments.

    Everywhere in India, the Biology lab assistants help students during the examination. Some take money from the students, some don't.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Admiration for his dexterity and nimble fingers makes sense. Respect for him because he helped students cheat in the boards did not. Glad you finally figured a right reason to respect the man.

    People don't need to experience something to know if it is inappropriate. Their gut tells them when something is not right. You can make all the excuses and give all the explanations that you deem fit, but that doesn't change the fact that what you described in your post as something laudable, was, in fact, an episode of blatant cheating during the board examination.

    "Everywhere in India, the Biology lab assistants help students during the examination. Some take money from the students, some don't."

    Please don't throw unsubstantiated data and theories on the forum. You are demeaning an entire group of people with your unfounded comment. Needless to say, it is a biased opinion (based perhaps on your personal experience) without an iota of truth in it.

    I have been a teacher and have worked in some of the best schools in the country. Not once did I come across such scandalous comments being made about a section of any of the school staff. It is expected that you provide proof with your comments, especially when you make a claim, with such authority. You are tainting the image of a people, accusing them of bribery and more. Place facts with your arguments. Sharing baseless data doesn't strengthen your arguments. You appear to be fumbling in the dark, taking the support of just about anything to prove yourself correct.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    I am not at all fumbling in the dark. If any person doesn't want to accept the truth to continue the argument, nothing further can be stated. But I stick to my view. All over India, the lab assistants help the students during their Board practical examinations. If anyone feigns ignorance, then nothing more to say. In some elitist schools, students pay them. In other cases, the lab assistants do it willingly without any expectation. This trend still continues.

    Moreover, non-teaching staff also include other categories. In this thread, I express my gratitude to all non-teaching staff of my school, college and university.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    "If any person doesn't want to accept the truth to continue the argument, nothing further can be stated."

    What is the truth? Does your stating something make it a truth? Provide evidence instead of continuing to harp on it.

    Let's me ask some pointed questions.
    • How much are you paying the lab assistant for your daughter's upcoming boards?
    • Do you think it is a fair price or do you think the lab assistant needs to be better remunerated?
    • Should parents be paying the money or should the school pay?
    • Have you questioned this practice in the PTM and other forums?
    • Do you think you are guilty of being an accessory to a wrongdoing?
    • Is the school management to be blamed for its laxity?
    • What do you think is the role of those who test the students on their performance? Are they shamming and not doing their job properly?
    • Do you think that vigilance teams should pan out across schools, countrywide, to put an end to this menace?

    I have a lot more questions, but for the time being, I'll stop with these.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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