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    12 year boy dies of road accident. Parent gave him sports bike to ride and lorry ran over. Blame ?

    I came across a news video in which 12 years old boy was run over by a lorry and died on the spot. The boy was riding a sports bike and the lorry over took him and knocked down. Boy was not wearing the helmet. First of all boy is a minor, and how come the parents would allow him to ride a sports bike and that too on the busy roads where reckless driving has become the order of the day and the knocked lorry wont even stop as the courtesy. Who has to be blamed in this. Boy, parent or the lorry driver.
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    I think both boy and parents should be blamed. First of all, minor should not be provided and next boy should wear a helmet. Nowadays children in younger age demand vehicles from parents which is not good at all.

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    The main culprit is the parent. In India, the children less than 18 years are not supposed to drive a vehicle. They will not be given licence for driving. This fact is known to all. Then how the parent allowed him to go on a sports bike? Even after giving a bike, the parent has not given any advice to take care of safety and why he has not given him a helmet? The parent has given the bike. The boy with his enthusiasm went on the bike. He was not wearing any helmet and he will not have a licence also. Unnecessarily a boy died in the accident. As elderly persons, the parents should advise the children not to do any illegal actions and they should teach him the safety. But parents failed in that respect. So the entire blame should go to the parent only. A good parent should teach all morals and rules to the children and see that they will be responsible citizens of this country. But in our country, many people don't have the minimum safety understanding and for a small issue, they pay heavily.
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    Without an iota of doubt, the parents of the boy were the culprit. How could they give a 12-year-old boy a racing bike?
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    Parents are solely responsible. I am seeing daily in our area children dropping their parents in bus stand from house through bikes/scooters. If anything happens to them on returning whose loss is this?

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    Just a day or two back, I read about a under aged boy driving his father's car and killing a cook. This would be the fault of the parents and sadly they would be repenting now of the error in judgement. As kids grow, they are keen to imitate adults, their heroes and friends. There are so many videos of young children driving cars, two wheelers on the streets. Parents are proud and I've seen arrogant parents teaching their children (bare in their teens) two wheelers in a busy residential neighborhood, There are some many children driving bikes in and around the small lanes at high speeds.
    To change this, we need to make parents realize the impact of such mistakes. Children need to be made aware of the chances of accidents and loss of life. Images and videos although disturbing should be used in schools and streets to discourage underaged driving.

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    The parents indeed. The young mind most of the time failed to understand seriousness. It is we who has to guide them. Above all Sports bikes are not for the kind of road we have in our country, for that we need less traffic condition which is yet to imagine in India. This is not the first incident and people should understand the danger with such accident. Yet, if people don't understand and provide these bike to their son, God only can save them.

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