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    Aren’t these children also eligible for the schemes of the government?

    As you enter the Delhi Metro you will find many children surrounding you either begging or urging you to buy the small things they are selling.
    Our country has given the right to education and everyone who is between 6-14 years should get a free and compulsory education through schemes like mid-day meal.
    So when did these children wondering around metros, bus stops and in the parks go to school?
    When do these children get midday meal? Why are they wondering around during school time? Why isn't anyone teaching them? What are the reasons?
    Why isn't any government organization doing something for these children? Are they blind?
    Don't they have any right?
    Many officers who can do something for these children going through these paths daily and even see these children why aren't they doing something. Being a student I am not in the situation right now to do something for these children but feel sorry or buy those small things they sell.
    But Why people who have authority ignore these people?
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    These children are also eligible to get free education and mid-day meals in the school. But they will not go to schools. Their parents will never send them to schools. Not only in Delhi in almost all places in India we find children like this.
    If you go to a village you will find many people who will be going for different works to attend money. The parents will force them to go to work and earn money. Even though they are supposed to be employed for any work the people engage them and pay them. The concerned officers we are supposed to be taking care of switch illegal things will also keep quiet. This has become a common problem in many places of our country. If somebody advises them also they will not go to school and they continue begging.
    So changing them and their parents is a very difficult proposition and many attempts were made by different people but completely eradicating this problem is very difficult in our country.

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    Time and again it was clarified by the state and central governments that they do formulate good and very good schemes for the children, but the benefits wont reach the children. There are many reasons for that. Ignorance of such schemes. the leaders wont familiarise with such schemes and so on. Even in UPA government there was total focus on providing free education to children with mid day meals. But the parents wants their children to work in the fields and other shops so that some income would be compensated with the family. That is why education is a failure and other schemes wont reach the beneficiary.
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    It is common pratice to see young children who roam the streets, traffic signals stops and bus stands selling small plastic items, ear buds, keychains or begging. These children are forced to do this while at that age, they should be studying at school. Many poor families depend on children doing small jobs like selling milk, distributing papers, vending flowers etc.
    There would be some plans available for such children but it would not be available on a regular basis for all the poor children. The magnitude of the problem would be so huge and there would be many such other issues, that authorities would be forced to turn a blind eye even if they wanted to help such children.
    Mid day meals and free primary school would be made available at least to some, but parents may not allow it to be used appropriately by the children.

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    Many of such students want to get an education, become doctor, engineer etc. But their parents can't send them to school because of one necessity of life, which we call 'money'. They don't have money to send their children's to school. Some of the children, after doing 10 or 12 has to leave study because their parents force them to do work, to earn money. I think a government scheme should be there for those who can't send their children's to school, they should be provided with enough money or free education. But if such scheme is developed but will never come into force.

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