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    Young friends! Why don't you read the advertisements carefully?

    Our organization appoints Senior Consultants, Consultants and Junior Consultants on contract basis initially for two years. These positions are for specialists in various fields related to the functioning of our organization. The general qualification prescribed for these positions is minimum M.Sc. in the required fields with at least seven years of experience in the related fields. However, PhDs are preferred for these positions. As these are contractual positions (not regular posts), no reservation is applicable. All these are mentioned in the advertisements published in the Employment News.

    As the Incharge of Administration Division, the applications are sent to me and I do the initial screening. I am extremely pained to find that many applicants don't bother to go through the advertisements at all. Just now three applications are lying in front of me. Three young students who were born in 1998, 1998 and 2000 have applied for the posts of Senior Consultants. They have sent the applications by speed posts, have not properly filled the application form and have sent their original caste certificates in regional/state languages. Two of them have enclosed certificates which certify their economic backwardness.

    I feel pained that these students have applied for wrong posts for which they are not eligible and sent the original copies of caste certificates in vernaculars when these certificates are not required. Needless to say, the applications will be rejected.

    Young friends! Why don't you read the advertisements carefully?
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    That shows the seriousness of the persons who are applying for the past. If the people don't pay that much attention to an issue which is going to give them the bread and butter, what will they do in other small issues?
    After completing our studies we will be seriously searching for a job. When we found an advertisement it is the first and the foremost issue to read the advertisement carefully and see whether they are qualified for that post or not?
    Then they have to see what are the points to be filled and fill them correctly. They have to attach self-attested or xerox copies of the certificates as mentioned in the advertisement. But people who are interested in getting the job don't even have the patience of going through the advertisement to know the requirements, tomorrow how they are going manage? This question will come to the minds of all. This attitude shows the carelessness and lack of interest in the work what we are doing.

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    This is the classic example on how the youth in India are desperate to grab the government jobs. What the youth are thinking that if not for the applied post they will be shortlisted in other fields of government jobs. But they seldom think that the application sought was different and they have applied was different.
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    My opinion is they might not have sufficient knowledge in filling up of prescribe application. Or some letharginess in filling details. Even after joining the the establishment they are giving full and correct informations like date of birth,aadhaar number of themselves,their father, mother, wife and children .

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    Is it a sign of heights of desperation? or a sign of how unhealthy our education system is? are we focussing on textbook knowledge not developing the concept of thinking rationally?

    I grew up with the culture that an inappropriate form or not being aware of eligibility criteria would be a black mark on the file. It could also be a reflection of lack of maturity and be teaching standards to read the instructions carefully and apply. It could be a sign of the amount of desperation, these people have, they would apply for every job post that they come across.

    I agree with the author, I feel disheartened, imagine these people given jobs and responsibilities that are related to the welfare of people. I think you and your department should send a two-page leaflet of Dos and Don'ts for job applications and hope that at least you and the department have tried to educate a section of our graduates about the basics of job hunting.

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    "Young friends! Why don't you read the advertisements carefully?"

    That is youth Partha – young, immature and perhaps hopeful.

    Their behaviour resonates much the same with how you behaved at their age. There is another thread of yours in the forum where you openly mention your indiscretions though you kept the focus on the non-teaching staff. Recall how immature you were at their age and you will find a parallel.

    I do not blame them - perhaps there is no one to guide them. Yes, the advertisement states the eligibility clearly. But, they could be hopeful that perhaps postgraduates and doctorates might not apply for a contractual job that lasts for two years. That itself is shocking. And it also highlights the plight of the youth, in search of jobs.

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    Ms. Juana: I beg to disagree. You are wide off the mark.

    Once I was also young. I also applied for Government jobs. I used to read the eligibility conditions first in the advertisement. Thereafter, I used to note the last date of application and the documents required to be submitted.

    So far as the positions are concerned, these are specialist jobs with very high remuneration (the maximum the Government offers). The initial appointment is for two years, extendable up to 5 years.

    But why have I raised this thread? These boys who have not yet completed their X+II, have applied for these posts. These will be rejected and no intimation would be sent to them (that is simply not possible considering the number of applications). After some time, they would start blaming the Government that common people don't get Government jobs. After some time, they will try to contact me over phone from the remotest parts of Tamilnadu and Kerala (these three boys are from these two states) asking for their original caste certificates. And if I am not present in my room at that point of time, they would complain that in the Government, nobody bothers to answer the calls.

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    By your own admission, at their age, you have done much worse.

    That they will start blaming the Government is an assumption. That is not right for they might not do it.

    They might not call you for their original caste certificate. (You can get any number of copies you want).

    They might have a better chance of finding you on ISC if they know who you are. After all, you are logged in and active during working hours. Mentioning this since you seem overly concerned about the 'reputation' of the Government (offices).

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    "By your own admission, at their age, you have done much worse. ''-When did I admit this?????

    "That they will start blaming the Government is an assumption. That is not right for they might not do it. ''-This assumption is based upon my (our) previous experience.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Partha, as an elder, my advise to you is not to bring your office matters into this site since you are a serving Government official holding a responsible position. Ms. Juana rightly observed your activity on this site during your office hours. I too observed it long time back. I wish you stay away from this site during your office hours. This is an elderly advice for your sake.
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    Mr. KVRR: Sincere thanks for your advice. But have I really brought my office matters into this site? Do people know that in any Government recruiting agency, more than 20% applications are rejected because those applicants don't fulfil eligibility conditions or don't fill up forms properly? I have only tried to draw the attention of others on this issue.
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    "By your own admission, at their age, you have done much worse. ''-When did I admit this?????

    I like your pure innocence. Let me explain –

    When you mention that a lab assistant did a dissection that should have been done by you, it is an inadvertent admission to employing a fraudulent method, to sail through your boards. Whatever your reasons may have been, let's not forget that lab examination are an essential part of board exams. The dissection of the toad was a test, assigned to you - it was your skills that were to be judged, not the lab assistants. Lab exams are supposed to be done by the student taking the examination.

    That in my view is worse than the error made by a few aspirants in applying for a position that they are not qualified for.

    You base your assumption on your experience. Yes, people generally do have a poor opinion of the conduct of government staff. I have read reports of teachers employed in government run schools knitting and cutting vegetables during working hours. And then I find people actively participating in forums like ISC and Quora and elsewhere, during working hours. All of us form opinions based on our observations.

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    Can my performance in school and filling up of application forms by some others be co-related? Perhaps, yes (as per the opinion of some others).

    There are at least some people in my office to supervise what I do during my office hours. Others are not required to be so much concerned about it.

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    The others who are much concerned are the taxpayers who pay the salary of the Government employees. They are certainly concerned about how the employees paid by them are doing their job.
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    And fortunately, there has been no complaint on efficiency and functioning of that person for last 28 years 6 months.
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    The Government officers are bound by certain rules and regulations. One should be careful to follow them.
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    As per the limited understanding of a Government Officer, this post is not discussing the rules and regulations to be followed by the Government Officers. Irrelevant responses cause award of negative points.
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    I had explained the connection between you and the applicants, right on the onset, terming it as 'young, immature and hopeful' behaviour of youth. I drew a parallel between you and them, so you could understand their reckless behaviour.

    How you spend your hours at work might not be my direct concern. However, if you think it appropriate to hurl accusations at people stating that they would taint the government's name then it is relevant to put forth my observation and what makes me form an opinion of how some 'babus' work. My perspective is based on relevant facts.

    Using office hours for personal attainment and making money is unethical. Offices may provide its employees with a small window to relax and unwind, but that is about it. Certain offices block certain sites and those cannot be accessed through office computers. Some offices do not allow smartphones inside the working arena. There are rules everywhere. They might not be spelt out in black and white, but they do apply to everyone.

    I do not think that there is a written rule, which says that legislators should not sleep in parliament. But, it is an issue if they are caught napping. Their efficiency at what they do does not cover up their lapses. The point is not what one does right, the point is the wrong that one does. A wrong remains a wrong, no matter how many right things one does at other times.

    A good discussion brings in different aspects into a debate. If the topics don't suit some they term it a deviation. From where I stand the discussion is in keeping with the flow of thoughts. Would it be a discussion if we were to just kowtow and agree with your views? We all made points and the discussion was taken forward based on those. I do not think there were irrelevant responses because everything is linked.

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    In a subsequent post, you raked the issue of the applicants tainting the name of the Government. But, when it has backfired, with pointed remarks, you are crying foul, terming the comments as irrelevant.
    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Who is crying foul? I am only stating the obvious. I am stating that the response ''The Government officers are bound by certain rules and regulations'' is not relevant to the context.

    Why can't we discuss the main issue? Why can't we discuss the wastage of money by the applicants when they apply for particular Government jobs without carefully going through the advertisements(s)?

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Of course, you're stating the obvious, and are drawing attention to it because you are cornered.

    You bolstered your main comment by stating that the applicants would turn to spreading false information, giving government agencies a bad name. That was one of your main contentions, everything else is an offshoot of that comment.

    I question the relevance of discussing wastage of money by the applicants. The point is just brought into the discussion and I think it is sidetracking from the topic.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Partha, it seems someone have over reacting of your official time used to post in ISC. The second front has been open up in forum thread to discuss this view.

    As per your this thread is concern, yes, the young people who has sent the applications might have missed to read out the rules and regulations for the job post. However, this is how they will learn it by their own own experience. The caste certificate sent along with the applications proved that they are not very well known back ground and they need proper guidance more.

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    Mr. Jeet Singh: I simply don't bother about the comments of those ''someone''. I raised this thread to improve the consciousness level, but the purpose was not served due to these useless, irrelevant comments.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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