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    Do you think that medium of instruction should be the mother tongue?

    In India, we have different languages in different states. Everybody will have a liking for their mother tongue. The state government will also encourage the language of their state more. They want all the students to learn their mother tongue. All people of the state want to converse in their mother tongue. Recently there was a discussion in the nearby college to my house where I attended a meeting. The main point of discussion is that every student in the state should learn their mother tongue and that should be a compulsory subject for all. Up to this, I feel it is acceptable. But they say the medium of instruction for all group subject also should be the Mother tongue. I feel It is not wise to make the medium of instruction to the mother tongue as it will be a difficult proposition to the student who is studying in, mother tongue, to manage higher studies, outside the state and outside the country. I want to know the thoughts of other members on this issue.
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    What I feel that mother tongue should not be the medium of instructions as it has many demerits. First of all except the local area, there is no value for studying in mother tongue. Though the state governments do promise jobs for the local language qualified people, often we have seen that those who have done high qualification in English language are only preferred. And again computer knowledge is must and for that local language wont suffice. Having all these draw backs, the people back out from studying in mother tongue and in some homes they are not familiar even in talking in their mother tongues then how they will study.
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    I think we should move on and offer mother tongue subject as a choice and sticking to English as the medium of instruction as the world is open to our children for higher studies and career opportunities.

    We have had this debate at many places (outside ISC) especially in South India, where states want their mother tongue to have prominence. The passionate guardians of these states feel that English is bad and mother tongue should be made a must. I see no harm in this because schools give an option of Hindi, Sanskrit, French and/or German. So, why not offer mother tongue?

    It is my personal view that mother tongue can be taught by family at home and the child can have a chance of learning another language at school, that would help in the future.

    As far as the medium of instruction goes, we would be making a big mistake to put a child through a mother tongue medium and then push the child into an English medium. The basic knowledge would not be a good foundation and the child would struggle at the higher education/intermediate/graduate.

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    Although many experts think that education in one's mother tongue is the best for the student, in India, it is not possible to pursue higher education in one's own mother language, unlike Russia, France of Germany. Higher education in one's own language would require sustained effort to produce books of higher education in regional languages. It also requires translation of technical terms in regional languages. This is not very easy.

    However, we must try to provide education upto X+II standard in students' own mother languages.

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    Mother tongue should be taught to the children by the parents themselves. If parents are teaching them, there will not be need to teach them separately.
    And also the medium of instruction for learning should be English. As English is understood and read and written by everyone. So, the medium of instruction should be English only and not the mother tongue.

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