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    Should the engagement be small get together or as lavish as mini marriage ?

    First of all we must know that engagement is the function on that day the date of the marriage is fixed and both the sides will write the auspicious marriage invitation and exchange the same in front of the invited audience. And those invited would know the marriage day in advance so that they can plan their visit before hand. But some of the engagements ceremony are so lavish that they resemble as the mini marriage. So for the engagement itself they are doling out huge amount which is the waste of exercise. What is your view.?
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    It all depends on the individual family's status and position. Actually, engagement is a small function wherein the two families of bride and bridegroom will say that the marriage is fixed and date may be decided on that day or later. There is no necessity of bride or bridegroom need not be present on that day. When my marriage is fixed, my wife's parents came to our house and my parents were there. Four of them conducted the function. I was at the university. Neither I or my wife were there on the spot of the function. The function is such a small one. But these days the engagement is done like a big function and will be conducted in star hotels. So many guests will attend and it will be like a marriage function only. My personal feeling on this issue is that much Hungama is not required for engagement. It can be a simple one only. You give donate the money to some charity.
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    We cannot be strongly opinionated about how other families conduct these functions. It would be their money, their wishes, and dreams. Engagements are held within homes, a temple with food at a nearby hotel, a mini hall or a big marriage hall. It really would be down to what the families want, our engagement was at our with food ordered from a nearby place.
    There are some families, with plenty of wealth who would have a lavish function with professional decorations, photography, and banners. The food would be like that of an actual wedding. I've seen families who are not very rich but have a good engagement because bride or bridegroom is about to go abroad for come back after studies, so they want it to be a big event.
    It would be nice if one of the families decide to have a simple function with money being given to an orphanage or an old age home and then have a grand wedding.

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