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    Is it right to ask the youth to sell pakoda rather than remaining jobless?

    'Better to sell Pakoda than roaming here and there without a job' - a suggestion by a prominent politician of the country has hit the Indian politics and a trending topic of discussion today. The leader continued to argue and substantiated his stand saying there is nothing wrong by selling pakoda to earn his livelihood and it would be wrong to compare him with a beggar.

    In the first instance, he might have been quoted out of context but his explanation saying such instances for earning one's livelihood should not be discouraged by saying they are jobless and living like beggars has a merit in his argument. We , in general, expect everyone in good positions sooner they complete their education and allow them to sit idle and roam here and there without any work till they get employment. If someone undertakes a small job,he would heckled and his education would be criticised as he couldn't secure a good job. Then we would go on criticizing the Government for not providing job opportunities and also the education system. Perhaps, the leader too meant his opinion in the same way. What is your take on this?
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    Nothing wrong to earn on self potential and what every one required is money. If the right opportunity and job are not forth coming, then the youth should not waste time instead start own business. I know some enterprising youths are preparing curries and supplying them to MNC company employees in hot cases and earning some good amount. Like wise one girl who has done Engineering is selling Dum ka Hyderabad Biryani in vegetarian form with good taste and hygienic way and within one hour she is selling 200 plates at the rate of 90 and easily making a profit of 40 per plate. She said it is waste to wait for the job and now she says that her knack of doing is business is known and she would expand her business on line and also produce more quantity to be supplied in other areas as door delivery.
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    Well i wanted to post thread on this issue. Pakoda comment by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi (BJP) on Zee News. News channel actually claimed this interview to be top interview on the year. We know how Pakoda seller earn and live his life. Only Youtube and some news channel Aired this thing on different medium. People told lot about it.

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    Is 'Pakoda Making' included in Make in India programme??
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    I don't know who said and why but this is a general opinion or view by our elders or different people. This statement is nothing new. We sometime feel down or think negative when this kind of quote thrown out at educated youth. However, there is nothing wrong to get some experience doing in other work. "Pakoda" here might have been said generally, I am sure he/she actually mean to say that people should do many other work then roaming here and there.

    Its always better to have our own small business then doing or working under a job. Sometimes the job too is not like for our liking and the one have to do it just to earn money and nothing else. When a job is done to earn only money, there is no way to get up-gradation. Instead we look such job or work where we have some kind of progress. Today, we should be thankful that only government service is not the only option we have, we can create out future on the filed we like or for we have passion in it. We just need to look into it that's all.

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    Earning and standing on our own is always better. If everybody waits for a job how the kitchen will run in the house.
    Many students who get seats in foreign universities go there and study. They work on a part-time basis in petrol bunks as fuel fillers. I know in Hyderabad many middle-class people started curry points. They sell curries and chapathis and make good money. One of my relatives started a canteen in a industry and earning for his family's livelihood. Some students in Hyderabad distribute newspapers before they go to their college or school. That way I feel nothing wrong in selling pakoda instead of depending on their parents after a certain age if he is not getting a job. In a petrol bunk in Hyderabad girls are working as helpers and when I asked a girl she said she is a graduate. As far as I am concerned I feel it is better to earn by any legally accepted way instead of depending on somebody.

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    I think this would be a very generalized reply. selling something to earn money would be better than wasting time being unemployed. Multi-tasking or doing two part-time jobs would be better that sitting for a while waiting for the dream job to come into our hands. This may not have happened for some.

    For me, selling pokoda or anything, earning a living is better than, being a burden on the family, stealing, committing crimes to earn a living. This comment could be interpreted in many ways. As a nation, we cannot graunteed a job for every citizen, it would be impssoble. But we should have programs in place for the uneducated youth to ensure that we do not waste their talent and skills.

    It is also a waste of Government/tax payers money directly or indirectly used for the education of the students ( grants, subsidies etc).

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    In a spat between Ghulam Nabi Azad and Amit shah, this topic has come into force and the pakoda jibe was made by Amit Shah on asking what the BJP has done in four years to mitigate unemployment.
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    Many of us do not understand the real inherited meaning in saying. That too from unwanted or disliked person's words Makes us to create tension in ourselves. Such words may not have the real intension as it may contains with some meaning or uttered emotionally or ignorantly. In this case i believe he might have told the youngsters not to wait for a particular type of job. A medico student may have option of joining in a big notorious hospital or in goverment hospital or in village side hospital or running private hospital on his own or with friends of similar intention. He should not wait unnecessarily till he got his own choice but he can took available choice. Many friends of my B.Com set availed the chances they got but five of them wasted two years by waiting for a bank job only and later they joined in private firms thereby they last two years og experience.

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    Let Congress Party start 'Pokede pe charcha'
    Let us make next election a 'hot affair'

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    Selling pakoda is also a job since that will also help to earn money and livelihood. Well, this kind of a quote is very common and is mostly said by our elders. They will say instead open a tea stall and sell pakodas. It's better to be little employed than being completely unemployed. Being employed in a better way. These kind of sayings are very common when you are not able to secure a good job and work here and there for earning.
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    In London, hundreds of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi are successfully running restaurants, food-kiosks, etc. They are not only earning handsomely, but also employing many people in their restaurants. Pakoda-selling can be a very profitable business enterprise. Fast food service has been a profitable venture not only in India, but almost everywhere.

    It should not be compared with begging.

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