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    "Exam Warriors"' A book written by Modi.

    Exam Warriors is a book written by P.M Narendra Modi for students. He has often reached out to students during his Maan Ki Baat radio program. The book released on February 3, talks about the ways in which students can tackle the stress. The book has been titled 'Exam warriors' and mention various means such as practising Yoga. It lays special stress on the challenge faced by students, who appear for class 10 and class 12 Board Examination. He says knowledge should be given priority over marks secured in examinations. The book would encourage students to take up education in a manner that would strengthen and build their future. Is not it a good approach of Mr Modi on students?
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    The approach is good. But in India, the education system is such that maks the measures to know the talent of the student. The student who gets more marks is treated as the best student. So people like Modi who are in very big position has to change the systems and see that the talent of the students will come down.
    A class 10 or +2 student will not have time to do anything other than reading or writing internals. A student joining in corporate colleges will struggle with their assignments, internals and final exams 24X7. Where is the time for Yoga?
    it is good that PM has come out with a very good book for the students. Let all the students read this book get the advantage of knowing the methods to tackle their problems. I think it is a good piece of work by Modi.

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    I think it is a good suggestion by our PM who keeps suggesting without understanding facts and figures. We have been hearing so much from him (not only through the famous Mann Ki Baat) which are not at all practical. Knowledge over marks is a good concept but how can he be so sure? I doubt.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    If the book is good and useful to students community then the central education department in coordination with states must print and distribute that book for free.
    K Mohan
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    I think people those who are always against of Modi, should apply for the next election to get voted as MP. I hope these people will do wonder for the country. I am always surprised how they are so sure of each and everything when our PM is not sure of his own work or what he talks as per their own perception of thinking?

    At least Modi is doing something different which earlier PM failed to do. What he is talking, many people may not tend to understand but he at least talk and not like previous "silent" PM.

    Instead of always talking against of Government, PM and his thinking, we should create our own political party to fight against him, I think that will do better. Is there anyone ready to do? If not they should at least allow the government to work!

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    Good that the PM has released a book with the apt title at the right time when exams are being conducted or just announced. In principle, I agree that education should strengthen the future of the student but as of now the competition is so much, that children are forced to live up to the level of competition at the qualifying exams or be left behind.

    Many parents cannot afford private tuition fees for the under graduation courses and hence have to depend on their ward's performance at 12th ( and 10th for that matter). Every school or college has big flexi banners of many students claiming their school's capabilities.

    We(Government) should aim to take off the stress in the system, then this would reflect on the aspirations on parents and the students. It is a right first step, I hope the education department can draw up measures to help the students and families.

    We should have a system where the allocation of higher education seats should not be fought at decimal level (0.5 etc). It should be an overall assessment which would also force students and parent to think of extra-curricular activities and other skills.

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