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    Do you like to see Soldiers and people getting killed?

    The day before yesterday, Pakistan fired a guided missile at an Indian post. Four soldiers died. BJP spokesperson usually tells this on various news channels that "if they fire Goli, We will fire Gola" (If they fire bullets, we will fire shells)". Now Pakistan has fired Missile on Indian post. Various news channel air news as to how many terrorists got killed, but they don't tell at what cost; I mean how many soldiers died? I am not saying that this did not happen in the past during the Congress (UPA 1-2) regime. But it was less. What does it indicate?
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    It is indeed sad. I think the situation is such that we have started considering our soldiers as volunteers to lay their lives for the Nation. While agreeing that it is part of their duty, should we do it deliberately? I doubt! And what about the people in the borders? Are their lives not valuable? I consider this as a mishandling of affairs in terms of international relations. Visiting countries do not actually help; one needs to understand and realize facts and for that one has to be realistic.
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    What would be the pragmatic approach? To bow our head and request them not to fire guided missiles? We do know how many Indian soldiers and civilians died during last three years, but do we have an idea how many dead bodies were sent in coffins to their homes (by the authorities of the country) across the border? But I do know when requests are made from the loudspeakers across the border to the Indian soldiers not to fire.
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    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    Every solider knows that he/she would be laying down his life, if the need arises at war. But can the same be applied to constant prolonged cross border issues with our errant neigbhors.
    Every solider and his family would wish, God forbid, if one had to die, let it be in battle and defending the honor of our nation. I think, here we can seek some solace, that these valiant men have died for the country.
    We need to explore all options diligently to stop these attacks, but our options would be limited. International diplomacy, UN etc would be worthwhile only if the other party has honorable intentions. Our past experience has taught us that they don't.

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    I had a whatsapp joke just few days back.

    A person says - "This year we have too much cold".

    The other person annoyed with it and said - "Didn't we have such too cold during Congress?

    I mean to say, people who favour their political party, do not waste their time to blame opposite government or praise their favoured political party. We see the thing the way we favour. So, this is nothing new, we will keep blaming our opposition party as if it has happened the first time ever.

    Instead, we should broad our mind that no political party is perfect, everyone have their own agenda and rule the country. I am not saying BJP is the best party, NEVER, as long as it does good for us it is good or better. However, during congress time we had seen such moment when Pakistani soldier beheaded our soldier and taken them it with them. So shall we criticise congress government for it?

    We should become more mature now before we comment about political party.

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    The enmity between Pakistan and our country was not a new issue. It started the day our freedom fighters conceded the demand of bifurcation, So there is nothing to improve the relations between the two countries. During earlier days our media is not giving much importance to this type of news as the private channels were very less. But these days the number of channels increased and each and every incident irrespective of its size is brought on to the screen. Now 24X7 news channels are more and they are airing all news. So the public is getting all the news.
    It is sad that we are losing our soldiers and we should not allow these things. But how to stop that. How to ask Pakistan to keep silent. The only way is to fight them out or surrender to them.
    I 100% agree with the opinion of Jeet Singh.

    always confident

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    Well , enemies attack when you're the weakest. And as you explained; it was a guided missile, no action could have been taken even if it was caught on radar.
    I don't think BJP or Congress has anything to do with it. Pakistan saw an opperyinity and took it.
    Life. If 300 people died, would your grief magically increase compared to one person's death? No right, that isn't how grief works.
    Loss of a life and a hundred lives is just the same. Loss of something very valuable.
    Maybe the death count of terrorists cannot be revealed because of the disfiguration of corpses or some other technical issue.

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    It is very sad and a matter to ponder over that India cannot loose the lives of our soldiers with this kind of concealed guided missile proxy war and the time has come to act tough against Pakistan. Leaders cutting across party lines must come forward and take strong action against the rogue country to prove that India wont keep quiet for this kind of dastardly act. Just now I have seen the shells being shows by villagers on whom the missiles were attacked . No country would come forward nor support, so India should not wait for any nod. PM Modi must take strong action once for all and put a big full stop to prevent such thing happenings in future. Turf action is the need of the hour and that would be the greatest tribute we can pay to the martyrs of such attack. And every Indian will support the move of retaliation in befitting manner by India.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The present situation on the LOC is because of the following reasons. 1. We have seen that during BJP led governments, the party strains full strength against Pakistan and terrorism during election campaign and become impatient to befriend with Pakistan when in power. Atal Bihari Vajpeyee tried his level best to make Pakistan a friend but, the things gone to the extend of impending war. The same thing happened with this PM also. He tried to reinvent the friendship but in vain. Once again the same rhetoric started as mentioned in the thread. There was a hype of surgical strikes and we see that the LOC violations and terrorist attacks increased after that. The PM was advocating for ten Pakistani heads for one head of the Indian soldier but now the whole nation is being kept busy in some hyper nationalist issues so that the issue of deaths of the soldiers becomes less important. There is no policy to deal with Pakistan.

    2. The alliance of BJP and PDP is an opportunist alliance. The PDP is promoting all anty-national things in J&K and BJP is just a spectator. There is no coordination between these two alliance partners. The BJP proved ineffective in asserting its view in the alliance and the the result is amnesty to stone pelters and encouragement to anty-national elements.

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    I fully agree with your views. Wondering how patriotic BJP is tolerating the PDPs anti national activities. Present Govt's Pakistan policy is a failure. As US is pulling out from Pakistan and China is occupying that space and we can see the change of pattern of attack at the boarders. They started using sophisticated weapons. Chinese Govt issued a clear warning that India can 'choose between us or US'.
    Now we are realizing that a US backed Pakistan is better than China backed Pakistan.
    We will bleed heavily at the boarders unless we change the Pakistan policy

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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