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    Good Move by Supreme Court

    In a world of modernization, education, knowledge and scientific advancements, people still try to be in stone age and relent to unnecessary violence in the name of religion or religious ethics. Honor killings, public assaults on their own children. punishing in front of the entire village and what not, these are only some of the gory acts performed by few panchayat systems who run merely on the name of 'religion and caste'. Where is this world going? Isn't there anyone to stop them? Isn't it the right of a major to marry a person of his/her own choice. This is a democratic country, right? Everyone has equal rights and why do khap panchayats interfere in between two people?

    Supreme court strictly warned Khap Panchayats no to interfere with an inter-caste or inter-race marriage. According to Supreme Court's Chief Justice Dipak Misra and the bench, "If people decide to marry, they are adults and you are nobody to interfere. Whether the law prohibits or allows a particular marriage, the law will take its own course. Don't be the conscience keeper of the society". Earlier this year, on 16th January 2018 Supreme Court declared that the interference of khap panchayat among two adult individuals (majors) is illegal. And again on 5th February 2018, Supreme Court stood by its statement and gave a strict warning to this system.

    The tough stance by the apex court should be an inspiration to the local police as well. They should take strict actions against the members who take law into their hands in the name of 'conscience keepers'

    I applaud the Supreme Court's stance and I wish this system (khap) completely vanishes from the society.
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    I too welcome this judgement. Adults these days are aware of what happens around them. They clearly have an idea on life after marriage. In case of ignorance, parents can try to convince their kid, by explaining the adverse consequences of their decision.

    But third person involvement must completely be restricted. Sometimes, even the convinced parents could react bad, because of the influence of these kind of panchayat.

    Nice that a legal order was enforced in restricting khap panchayat involving between two adults.

    Thanks for the author for letting us know this news.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    It is indeed a good move, but we need to see how effective would be the Apex Court ruling. Khap Panchayats enjoy a lot of power and even the local administration is mostly guided by them. We have been reading so many decisions by the Khap Panchayats that sound inhuman but have not been able to resist or prevent them because, just because, they are led by high class people or the rich or so called religious leaders in some particular areas.
    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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    In many villages even today many issues are solved by the local leaders. These local leaders will be trying to favour their caste people or the rich people who will feed them. This is seen in many villages.Another problem in some remote villages each caste will have a big man from their caste and his words are final for all the matters happening in their caste. Even at the time of elections also the word of the big man is final and everybody from that caste will vote as per his decision.
    Many unwanted things may be happening. But nobody will go and complain to the police also as their local people will decide who is right and who is wrong and accordingly actions will be taken. This is very unwanted and none should take the law into their hands. The supreme court has given a very good decision and at least now we are seeing some change in the mentality of these people, it will be a pleasant thing.

    always confident

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    Welcome the decision but it would often remain in papers only. Khap panchayat offers quick settlements and justice(injustice) in issues concerning people of rural areas. They are a force to reckon because they are directly or indirectly connected to influential people belonging to a caste.
    These people at times also have the blessings of politicians and would have a bearing on the vote contribution too. Hence these groups act like custodians of the moral fabric of that caste or community or like vigilantes taking the law into their hands. It would not be easy to take on these Khap panchayats by individuals even if they have an open mind and a modern outlook. Lastly, it would be difficult for the official machinery to implement the SC directive in all places at all times.

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