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    Which one you select as a career?

    There is lot of competition everywhere. After acquiring education one is at crossroads. What to do now?
    There are many options but all are full of crowd thronging them.
    We can divide the career path in two main groups. Search for a job or do your own business. Both have their pros and cons. Both require hard work and persistence.
    Given a choice what would you opt for, join a job or start your own business?
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    I would prefer to have some experience or knowledge on the field in which I am planning to do business. One can not simply start a business unless he/she has some kind of experience in it. Doing business is the best job one can do but not blindly. First you look at your interest on the filed, get some experience and then start in very small scale. I would never suggest anyone to start in a big scale.

    This is my personal opinion, because I have worked under 2 different and well known company. However, after getting enough experience, I will surely try to start my own small scale business in near future. The kind of hard work and stress I am taking for others, if I will do it for me, I will do much better. However, I want to make sure everything in right place before I start my own business.

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    I think if you are expert then you can select anyone but if you think you are middle level person so better to select business because in business you can earn money by selling products and can do sales and marketing on your way and your time .
    Job is time bind things you need to available on company time so if you can not work on your own way you need to work as per company rules and regulation so Own business is better than job.
    I am doing job so feeling not good because any time I may travel anywhere things is not in our hand so if you are good in business then never select job. Govt job is ok.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    A person who is coming out of studies will be a fresh candidate and his knowledge is completely the knowledge from books only. He will not have any practical experience. Even a student came out from IIM also before starting his own business should have some experience in the field he wants to do the business. So If I have to take a call, I will opt for a job in the line in which I am planning my future business. Once I zeroed on the line, I will try for a job in the line in a good company. Once I get that I will work in such a way that I will get educated and experienced in all the matters required to start on own. The intentions should be kept secret and should not be shared with anyone. After putting in the service for 2 or 3 years and when I am confident that I can be able to manage the entire business process, I will say goodbye to the job and start my own business.
    Instead of that if we go to business immediately we will be having many unanswered questions and we may not be successful. So it is always better to get some hand on experience before starting on your own. This is a universal fact applicable to lines of business.

    always confident

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    Competition stands everywhere, so its completely your choice how you want to go for choosing your career path.
    My thought would be to first have a job in the field in which you hold the degree or diploma. Because getting a job there would be more feasible and a comparatively better option, as that would give you exposure to industry requirements and also the customer's demands. And accordingly, once you have ample experience with an organization or two, you can look for having your own start-up. That would again need much resources, finances and cost requirements, which you must have quite gathered during your job period. So, if you look at a business, then it becomes little feasible and you have better thoughts for that too.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    I am not sure what was your field of study. Getting formal education will not make you an engineer or doctor as such. You can become anything by your experience but degree along with the Experience will make you a qualified professional.

    First you should set your goal if you doesn't have one. It took me years to find my own goal and it is normal always our goals and ambitions are dynamic with our exposure , age , experience and understanding of the real world. I will break it down into two set of questions , if you can find answers then you are all set to go


    1. Whether you would like to get employed in your field of study ?
    2. Whether you want to work in India or abroad ?
    3. You are looking forward to work with government or private sector ?
    4. What would be your goals if you join in any organization ?
    5. How far you are planning to work ?
    6. What would be your salary expectations ?
    7. Do you really got all the skills required for applying for job ?


    1. How far you are interested in starting a business?
    2. Are you willing to invest your dedicated time ?
    3. What kind of risk you could take ?
    4. Which business you want to do ?
    5. Do you have pool funding to back yourself or your family until your business makes money ?
    6. Do you have specific mentor to guide on the odds ?

    Before starting business it is advisable to work for few years . If you are a quick learner you can easily learn the hierarchy and business model of any business in a short span. Understanding structure and processes involved in the organization is very important thing to learn. If there is not much to learn about the process get to know the money making model of the business. Only if you got the guts to sustain losses and social critics you can sustain in business.

    India is a very big market and people in metros and urban areas got a decent purchasing potential. You got numerous choices if you want to start business in India.

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    It is a difficult choice and many would choose to get a job before venturing out on their own. The choice is influenced by the qualifications, passion, risk profile and the resources available.
    There are many examples, where people with talent start their own brand and fail due to lack of financial support, increasing overheads, lack of aptitude for numbers etc. Many choose a job because, it gives a fixed return, some stability so that the burden is eased off the shoulders of a man with many commitments.
    I would choose to get a job and once I have some idea of how things work, then I would think of starting on my own. I think the sector in which we are experienced is also important because certain areas are better suited for a job, some ideal for a start-up venture.

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