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    Why do we still queue at Junk food outlets?.

    Most of us like to be referred to as educated class who are so health consicous that we drink green tea, have organic products, aviod bottled juices, aviod rice etc. But the same people (not exactly the same person) stand in queues waiting for their turns.

    Waiting for their turns to sink their teeth into some of the best junk food. One needs to just pass by KFC,Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Mac Donalds. We don't see uneducated or the ignorant lot.

    We love to eat burgers, pizzas, deep fried chicken that is smothered with sauce and other preservatives. Why do we do it? looks trendy? can't cook at home?

    (Personally we go to such places 1-2 times a month)
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    I am not finding any problem in going to Mc Donald's, KFCs and Domino's etc where quality foods are available.
    These are better outlets than unhygienic street foods.

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    These days eating out is a common practice for many families. As spelt by the author our family also go out 2 to 3 times out for dinner. But we go to vegetarian restaurants as we eat only vegetarian food only. The quality of the food depends mainly on the place we are selecting to go. Going out for eating is mainly to keep the housewife also happy and give her rest at least 2 or 3 times a month. Mc Donald's, KFC and Domino's are very famous for their quality and many people prefer going there only. My sons also some time order veg burger and veg Pizza from McDonald and they say they are very good in taste. These foods making in-house may be not known to my wife. So we never make Pizzas and Burgers in our house. These vendors are very famous for their quality of food. But eating out on the street shops where they reuse the oil number of times is not at all advisable for the health even though they have a good taste.
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    According to me the reason of addiction to junk foods is our own selves. We all in the name of modern, smart thinking, believing that having no time, barrenly questioning etc., do not celebrates the festivals in houses and not making our youngsters to get involved in them. Our own culture gives a good way to make ourselves away from junk foods. In January malar sankranti with sweet pongal &urad dal vada. In April new year of Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and malayalam celebrated with different dishes. In August holi/upakarma celebrated with sweet poli/ubbittu. In September Navarathri -nine days with different sundal. In September Janmashtami with seemai,murukku, thatti etc., Again September Ganesh chathurthi with types of modhal/kozhukkattai. In October /November Deepavali with different types of sweets &souvenirs. In December Christmas with cakes and Margazhi celebrations with daily one pongal/sundal/sweet.
    Besides this yearly ceremonies to deceased elders with different dishes.
    These are all created to taste ourselves different things with intervals but we forgo everything in the name of modern/no time/humbac/old man tradition and our youngsters divert themselves to junk .

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    I am a big fan of pizza, so what I mostly do is order it at my home. I do not go and stand in queues. Inspite of knowing that it is not good for health, we humans have made it a habit of eating junk foods.
    I normally eat pizza once in a month. However, I avoid it as much as I can.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    The irreplaceable taste and trendiness could be one factor. And the mad culture of capturing an image of your food and posting in instagram is another.
    Foreign outlets like McDonalds, KFC, Subway and Burgur King offer cheap food. So it is one of the best place to take friends and family.

    And the decor and design of these outlets are mindblowing.
    All of these little but important effects appeal to and attract a large number of youngsters.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is all in our taste buds and our inability to impose discipline in this respect.

    A tasty and delicious food is a difficult thing for anyone to ignore and he will go for it as per his level to afford it. Some will go to the reputed high-end outlets while some will settle with the street food but the thing is that most of us will go there.

    The temptation of tasty and mouthwatering food is enough to compel one to indulge in this unhealthy practice. With time one gets addicted to the various Chinese, Italian and Indian flavours and food without them appears to be something like grass eating.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Glad that many replies have mentioned about quality, decor, occasional use and cleanliness. I was hoping somebody would talk about the unhealthy components and the calories that these foods are loaded with.

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    In simple sense (as per I think), it is our tongue for that we are doing all. We are attracted to different taste of food items. And thus we are doing it.

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    We go out because the taste offered in the outlets are irreplaceable. Even if the same food it cooked at home, we will not get the exact same taste, may be outlets will have some secret ingredients that will not be revealed. One more reason is could be, all are familiar in cooking their usual food and that goes with a flow but when we have to cook something like pizza, we find it a little difficult. And many feel ordering or having it from outside is far better than cooking at home and that way even a women will get some rest.

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    Going to the food joints and waiting for hours together to get the chance to eat is something I wont like. Why the mad rush for those junk foods which does more harm to the health than satisfaction to the mind. Nevertheless to maintain status in the society some people would go there in a car, prefer drive in and then spend some time to those food which has no healthy aspects and yet costlier. Next day the after effects are faced as some are down with stomach upset, some feels drowsy and for many the acidity effects takes place. This is called buying the problem by knowing fully well.
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