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    Salary and the two different thinking!

    When I think of salary, I think of a old Kishore Kumar song - "Kush hai Jamana aaj pehli tarikh hai" ( people are happy because it is the 1st day of the month.)

    A Salary is the most important thing in our life. Working people know how important it is and we wait it for the whole month. Of course, we do the job or hard work to get it. However, this is not my concern of the topic. Behind the "salary" words, there are 2 different thinking always runs in 2 different people minds. One who get the salary and the one who pay them.

    It is funny but true that the person who get it most of the time he think that he deserve it more than what he gets paid. The other person who is Boss always have this in mind that I am paying it more so I have to get the job done accordingly.

    The best part is, in between the two mind, we keep forwarding in our daily life silently looking after the opportunities to better ourselves.
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    This is natural. An employer always feels that he is paying more than what his employee deserves. An employee will think that he is underpaid. Both of them will be correct. A person working in the small company always compare his salary and perks with the same cadre employee getting in an MNC or a big company. The owner of the company always compares the salary he is giving to his subordinate with a small where the employees are getting a lesser salary.
    But as long as both the employee and employer are together they have to concentrate on the work and see that company will march forward. Otherwise, both of them will land in trouble more so with the employee. Many employees will suffer if they are not receiving the salary for the month at the end of the month.

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    This 'two' thinking applies only to those working in private institutions. Those who work in public sector or Government services have only one to think. People like me (My service was attached to Universities) were too worried if the salary date got changed due to some unexpected services.
    Most of the low or middle income groups will be having the tension during the last week of every month. I remember one or two employees who worked in our department. They belonged to lower income groups. They used to borrow some money almost regularly by 20th or 25th of every month. Of course they returned the money after 1 st of next month. This was the condition of most of the lower income groups, at least during those days. These days, due to hike in salary structure, such people are not many in the service. Also the importance of 1st of months is getting reduced.

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    This is the only approach that will help us grow. Because when we are not satisfied with what salary we are getting, we look for more opportunities and we look for hikes and we switch the job. We learn some more new skills there.
    This is the way we better ourselves.
    The two-way thinking always goes hand in hand with the employer and the employee. Because the boss thinks of adding more burden of work on us and we have to do agree with it. In order to maintain the job, once our limit exceeds we look for more opportunities. This is how life goes and the job goes.

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    The relationship of an Employee vs Employer is like a love-hate relationship. While the life goes on at work, the employer is often trying to find a reason to pay less or get more work done, the employee is trying to find more avenues for a better salary.
    To a certain extent, this relationship brings out more from each side, the employer gets smarter and cost-effective, the employee gets more productive as he improves his skills in order to get paid more.

    Salary is the lifeline of working/salaried class families. Many things depend on the time it arrives and how much gets scattered out quickly. There are people who have to stretch the remaining balance for the last few days.

    It is human nature to feel that we are good, similar the person giving the salary thinks that he is giving more and has to get that much return. The person working thinks he is working more and hence he has to get paid more.

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    Interesting views by the members for this thread. To get paid more, the employee look for better opportunities gets enough experience and value themselves. This is the way to progress in our everyday of life. As per my own experience, an individual should not run behind the money at work, he/she must show his importance towards the job he/she does. Once he/she get the attention by his co-staff and the Boss, he/she definitely get hike in their salary.

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    I concur with most of the observations by T.M.Sankaran,(#625549).
    During the initial period of my career when my monthly salary was only in three digits, only coins remained with me in the last week of the month. I(and many of my colleagues) had to take canteen food on credit. The canteen contractor was understanding and kind enough to provide us credit. We used to repay the same immediately on getting salary. Salary day was a very important and most awaited day in those days.
    I was a bachelor and was experiencing such problems. For the married men we can s the difference in their lunch box. They had to do with just 'sookha roti and sookha bhaaji'(Dry roti and dry side dish) or 'patala daal'(thin daal dish) during the last week.

    The problem with salary is that it is not paid as per employee's needs, but as per CTC or a minimum level already in vogue,or, expected or assessed contribution.

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    For the middle class family salary day is most important as urgent commitment has to be met as most of the people would be eagerly waiting for our payments. But in private companies the salary day is not fixed. I mean there is no guarantee that you will get the salary on the same day as designated. The reasons may be many. The salary sheet not prepared, the boss out of city, and the salary day being holiday or Sunday or holiday. The funny part is that the advances and loans if any are deducted immediately and over time is kept pending for want of approval by the boss. Nevertheless no employer was ever happy on salary day as he has to shell down lots of money and he virtually weighs each employee are they really deserve to receive such salary. This is happening in many manufacturing sector during lean and slack period. There is a fear that salaries may be down sized and even terminated.
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