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    A visitor that you can’t forget

    It was one of the day when I was in my work place alone in a afternoon. A visitor came inside, he was looking from well behaved family and was educated. He was started talking in English and tell me the reason he stepped inside. He was from South and he came for some work in Mumbai and on the way he picked pocket. Since I know the city very well from where he belonged to, I asked his details. Whatever he said was true. He needed at least Rs500/- so that he can return back to his place and he knew no one here. I kept talking to him for another 15 minutes to get to know him more whether he was saying the truth. He in fact promised me to return the money back and taken my visiting card so that he MO the money. Seeing his hopelessness, I handed 500 to him. He thanked me so many times and went off.

    After that neither I got any call from him nor I got any money return (though I was not expecting it). Now after some years, when I think of that day, I feel whether I have helped the correct person or I have been made fooled. I do not remember his face any more but I can never forget this visitor.

    Do you have any such experience when you could not forget the visitor?
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    Generally, if he is a genuine sufferer he might have sent you back the money he has taken from you after going back to his place. We see many people begging like this in a different way. If he comes and asks you to donate some money you may give him Rs. 10/- or so. But you will never give him Rs.500/-. So they try to earn like this.
    Once we may do a mistake. But every time we will not do. Because of some people who try to deceive the people, the really deserving cases also will not get help from others.
    We can't anybody these days. There are no values and ethics. Money earning is the only aim nothing else. That is the state of the land these days.
    Once my grandfather was travelling. He was waiting for a bus in the bus stand. Meanwhile, a person known to him came to him and asked him to pay him some money. My grandfather gave him Rs.100/- note and asked him to get the change so that he can help him. But this man disappeared with that note and on that never came back. My grandfather doesn't have any money to travel further, so he came back home. After 3 days that person comes back and says that he has forgotten about giving the change back. People are like this.

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    Some people are really in trouble and those wont ask for the favour directly and suffer in silence. Once I was having a chat with my friend. A old man was walking with uneasy and sought to sit down beside us. He has lost hopes on life and feeling hungry as his eyes says so, I volunteered and asked his detail. He came from Guntur to see a advocate for a his case the the lawyer went out of station and the old man lost his purse while sleeping in the train and thus was unable to cope up on to stay in the city. I could understand his plight and gave 300 money. He took my address details and sent me the money immediately on reaching the Guntur. I was not expecting that sincerity but again the old man never sought any help and I only volunteered to help him. Thus I can remember him even today for his returning money.
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    He may have forgotten or he may have scammed me.During my college days, when cheques were taken as a honorable way to return money between strangers, I have been scammed like this for 200 rupees in Chennai train station. I had just completed an entrance exam and while waiting for the train, a couple with a child, all well dressed sat next to me and picked up a conversation, telling the same story of lost money and baggage I declined telling that I had no money, but finally he asked for at least two hundred rupees for which he would give me a cheque and I could encash it.

    Needless to say, it was not honored and I fell for the sad story. It is difficult to be tough at such situations and we yield into it. I've had a roommate who got robbed by a very thankful person who was desperate to get a lift on a two wheeler to the nearby hospital. There would be so many incidents like this that would make us wonder how we let ourselves be fooled.

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    That person only knows the reality. Whether he was in trouble or was lying. My parents had faced both situations. Once two people came to my home and said that they are collecting money for gurudwara and later they will help poor and my mother after thinking gave them money and a few days later it was known that after collecting money they drink alcohol and on other hand my father is a businessman and our business is situated near police station, few tourists from Punjab came to my father and told them that they had to deposit fine to police station and they only had atm cards not cash and atm is not working right now. They said they need money and when atm will work they will return and they did return a few hours later. So we can't say what's the truth .

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    We cannot determine here as to whether you helped the right person or got fooled. But what you can do is be happy about it, you did help a person and you can be satisfied that you did something good.
    A similar situation which happened to one of my friend is below:
    My friend is Branch Manager in Transport corporation and was on special duty at the bus stand during Diwali season. Due to huge rush the buses which were soming in were all filled up and it was getting difficult for people to get in. There in the vicinity, he found a girl in her 20s standing troubled and feeling uncomfortable looking here and there without getting into the bus. When he went to her and enquired what was troubling her, she expressed her concern that she did not have enough money with her to reach her destination and that her atm card was not working so she was in a dilemma as what to do as she was new to the place and had come for some interview. She did not know anyone from that place.
    My friend asked her destination as to where she needed to reach, provided her with the cash required(around 500 Rs) for the journey, made her sit in the correct bus and helped her. The girl got my friends number and promised to return the cash somehow.
    Later the next day, the driver of the bus in which the girl was sent came to my friend and gave him the cash which the girl had given , with a thank you note!!
    So all people are not the same and you will never know how they are. So do a good deed and it will return to you!

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    My intention to post this thread does not mean that I am feeling bad. I still feel that the person was really in need and I did good to help him. Though, sometime our mind think differently and doubt even the correct thing.

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