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    Should Politics considered an Art or Talent?

    Think it before you comment. We are talking about such group of people who are directly affect in our daily life.

    We have other working field like Actor/Singer/Dancer/Businessman. If at all we can't include the politics in work category, still it required something different to get success. What is that "something" with the politics. Is it Talent or Art?

    As I personally feel, in politics one need both Art and Talent. Art to convince people and the talent to fooled them for another 5 years.

    What is your call on this matter?
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    I feel really being in politics is a service to Nation. Politicians are supposed to be safeguarding the interests of the innocent people and they are supposed to see that as a nation we will move forward. It is a service.But I don't whether these days politicians are really for service. Earlier days the remuneration and perks for the politicians who are representing the people in the Parliament and assemblies, and other posts in municipalities, Panchayats, cities and metros. But these days they have a huge package and they even get lifetime pension once they are in the seat.
    As said by the author, I also feel it is a combination of art and talent. Art of attracting people and talent of deceiving the people. They will be having another skill of making money also.

    always confident

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    According to me politics is a experience associated with great talent to talk and execute the false promise. A good person cannot choose the politics as the sincerity and goodness has no place. Those who are cunning, having attitude of deceiving others. and can easily forget the voters are the people required in politics and we the votes would be forced to elect those who are such types, And those who are already experienced as the politician in one party or the other, they know how to catch hold of voters by hook or crook. Ordinary people would fail in this task. That is why learned people wont enter politics.
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    Surviving in politics is today an Art or Talent, that many people have. Politics in the true sense is something that should be taken seriously as an opporutinty presented to help people.
    There are a few good people who do a decent service to people at least in part. I think, the politicians have the art to play on the emotions of the public, misleading them for their own personal gain and in the process become thick skinned ( towards the suffering of the common man). What is need to be a good politician is a sincere desire to help others, to do the work for which they are paid and turn a blind eye to money and power.

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    I feel politics is a kind of a talent, that the politicians have in blood.
    It is a talent that simple people just cannot understand. However, I could never understand is politics really right for the country or the Netas are doing it in a wrong way.

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    Common people are being fooled always by politicians this is common right from the king's rule. Democracy is a different form of bluffing people. As I know lot of good things are happening with the Democratic structure when compared to dictatorships. But , Because of corrupt politicians, people also becoming corrupt as days passes. We are not realising that we are also getting polluted by the poor attitudes of politicians. I am not pretty sure, Whether politics is an art or a talent. Until some vibrant moment takes place in India similar to freedom fighting, people's and politicians attitude towards vital things necessary for growth will not change.

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