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    Novel idea for using mosquito coils

    Though knowing the side effects of using mosquito coils we are forced to use because of the mosquito menace. Recently we went to Hyderabad for spiritual meeting and stayed in one resort. To drive mosquito we bought a coil box with 10 coils but only one stand. As we have to keep the coils in three rooms, I asked the resort manager to provide additional stands if he have. He sent a plastic cover through a boy. I wondered on seeing some cut potatoes and tooth picks. On asking him again the boy put the potato piece on the ground by piercing a tooth pick and on the sharp side he stand the coil after lighting. Really it is great idea.
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    My personal advise is, people should avoid as much as possible to use mosquito coil. It is just not proper, instead if we go to such place, we should ask for the mosquito net, which is always a better option. Such resort people should keep mosquito net rather than coils. Though, the thread talks about novel ideas, I feel we people are the most Jugadu people in the world. We can be able to mange even when there is no proper option available.

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    It is not advisable to use mosquito coils. They are harmful to human beings also. It is always better to use mosquito nets.
    This is a good idea to use a potato piece and toothpick to make the coil stand. You can use a banana and toothpick to make the coil to stand. Our people very innovative in this type of usages.They know how to manage the things without having proper appliances to tools required.

    always confident

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    A nice use of a potato, we used to cut shapes into it to be used by kids as a seal for decorating page borders. There would be many ways in which people can devise substitutes from simple materials. I saw a what's app video of a man (in a rural area) on a two-wheeler who has fixed wooden plank in the front and back so that he can ferry 5 more people.

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    Great idea from the resort manager to serve the guests with what ever he had and that suggestion on how to adjust with mosquito coils for every room with potato remains and tooth pick was simply awesome.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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