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    Do you think are you better than PM Modi?

    Often I have come across in ISC form where people talk negative about Mr. Modi. But, never have to say anything about Mr. Rahul Gandhi no matter what he talks or say!

    This thread is to those people who think our PM Modi is not fit for the post. They always find fault even if he does try to do anything new, it is just not enough to impress such people.

    I would certainly request such people to save this country. Instead of annoying by PM and shouting in the forum, they should create their own party or join the party in which they belong too. I request such person to really save us from Mr. Modi who is just doing nothing good for country and always roaming.

    I request such people if they can't do anything, at least let him complete his duration of PM till next election. By the time his opposing people can exercise and become strong to fight with him.

    Is my idea a good one?
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    I don't think so, but many people believe this (they are better than our PM). And some say that they are much better than Modi, but they themselves understand the reality. So, what do they do? They resort to criticism for the sake of criticism. They criticise him so that the task being undertaken by him can't be completed.
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    In a democratic country, it has become a practice to criticize the people in power. The opposition party will always go against the ruling party. All the people who support opposition party also criticize the ruling party. The people who support the ruling party will talk in favour. But all people can't become PMs. It is all in the game. Tomorrow if Rahul Gandhi becomes PM his opposition party people will criticize him. Generally, Leaders who do good when they are in power will get more criticism and their worth will be recognised only after his term. When PVN Rao was the PM none said that he is good but now people say that he is the real man behind the change of financial status of our country and globalisation. So I think it will go on like this. In the present atmosphere and condition, there is no one who can work more efficiently than Modi. I think next comes AP chief Minister Naidu.
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    A famous example for this is given by Sri Sadhguru,

    There is a tea shop. The person who operates the tea shop will make many teas per day. His job is to make tea. But he speaks how Sachin Tendulkar should bat or how PM Narendra Modi should work. This means that a person can say how other people must do their job perfectly and he knows that very perfectly.

    That is what happens in most of the situations in India. Be it with respect to our prime minister or any other profession, people will often judge their duties and also have very bright knowledge about the duties of others. Do your duty perfectly rather than pointing your finger at someone else. That would be sufficient enough to take this country forward.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Mr.Jeet Singh, In our forum, members criticized both Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Modi on different different occasions and on different issues. If you go through past few years threads, some of the members who criticized BJP Party and Mr. Modi before demonetization and the same members are appreciating with loads of messages now. Just before 2014 elections most of the members heavily criticized Congress party and its rule by so many of us. It is the beauty of the democracy and every one has the right to vent their thoughts and so there is no harm in it. No one should criticize till he leave the post is not the correct opinion. Of course one should not abuse others on the contest as they strongly support them one should maintain good decency in expressing their thoughts.

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    In democracy every voter has right to have his own view on the functioning of the government and the person or persons running the government. According to the constitution ,the citizen of India is the supreme. Shri Modi became the PM only because there is democracy in the country. To express one 's view regarding the functioning of the government is a healthy sign of democracy and it should not be equated to anti-nationalism. The people elected the BJP because they thought the change in government would change their life. Now some think that their life has not changed or there has been no change in the situation. they criticise . Otherwise also the government will continue its full term as per the constitution. The people are free to review their stand regarding whether Shri Modi is fit for PM in the next general elections.

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    We tend to have an opinion on many people right from the person who sells tea at the street corner to the man who once sold tea at Vadnagar railway station but is now the PM of India.
    Anyone can have an opinion about anybody and even express it as long as it is not derogatory. Having an opinion of how things need to be done as common as discussions on politics.Hence many talk about the PM in support or with criticism. I think we should encourage people to speak out because it would give us a chance to know about facts or ways of thinking which we would have ignored because of our bias in liking or disliking the PM. I may like the PM very much and hence would not pay attention to things that lack in his performance, this would be highlighted by his critics. It is for us to debate and see how much of it is true.

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    Nice to see such open views and opinion towards this thread. True, that we in democracy have every right to voice out our concern. However, my point is the people who are blindly supporting their own party even when they know that because of their poor result and not able to run the country, they are out of the majority. Here, the party who has got majority and the faith of people's vote, doing all incorrect work! As if the previous government has no fault in their work? This is what my point is.

    As per my personal opinion, we should not follow blindly to any party. They are as long good as they do good for the country and for us. I dislike congress and their opinion but it does not mean that they are always wrong! If I criticise them, I too support for their good views. However, few blind supporter of congress party are not like that, they look and see every time fault in each and every issue discussed by the PM. While saying this, I do not mean that everyone should follow me, of course everyone have their own freedom and opinion but one should not comment it blindly.

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    Criticism and opposition parties are essential for the effective function of democracy anywhere in the world. The power is not permanent for any political party. The people have the power to change the Government as and when they feel the necessity. The people believe in the policies of a party and support them. It is not just the power. Governments change according to their performance. The party in power always attracts criticism because what they are doing affects their life. The personal opinions differ regarding the political parties. We are not politicians to change our allegiance to different political parties depending on our personal gain.
    The tea shop discussions in politics are raised by one member. Let us be happy that he is conscious of what is happening in the country and trying to discuss as per his understanding. If we do not like his tea, we can go to another shop but in case of the Government, we get the chance once in five years only. Caution is very important while casting the vote. Do not underestimate a chaiwallah. The present Prime Minister was once a chaiwallah and from there he started his journey in politics. We all try to do our best to succeed in life. That does not mean we have to stick to what we are doing and do not discuss politics, cricket etc., We may be committing many mistakes. With our experience, we can advice others not to commit the same mistakes. The parents might have committed mischief or mistakes when they were young. Just because they are guilty of such things, they cannot keep quiet when the children do the same.
    Everyone has got the right to his or her opinion. We may discuss the merits and demerits of such opinions.

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    But, I still wonder how come Rahul Gandhi and his opinion is always correct and Modi's opinion is always wrong for some people!

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    Since our childhood days we were taught of something which is about the Congress Party that this lead to our freedom & that's why & although we prefer to have Modi as the PM of India but not able to criticize the opposition party.

    It's actually the childhood impression that we still got on our minds.

    But as the time passes the mindset of the people are changing & now it's different image then what is used to be a few decades back.

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